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Chez Larsson

Chez Larsson


Chez Larsson basically means "At the Larsson’s". The french may not be gramatically correct (it should probably say "Chez les Larsson") but I’ve always named all the photo folders with photos of our home on my computer that way since we moved in ten years ago. That’s Wille looking through the front door window, by the way. Hi world!



All the houses in our neighbourhood look almost the same. They were built in the 1930’s and the homeowners back then were not well off. They were workers and craftsmen who by the government were enabled to build their own houses. People in the area got together and helped each other with their particular skills. A plumber would help his neighbour and in turn would get the electrics done at his house.



We haven’t changed much besides from the paint job  and the easily restored (if need be)front door window. We have the original door, windows and bannisters and we’ve had the roof relayed with the original tiles. Maybe it does look a little bit neater in grey and white?

Img_2040_web 017_ep

We removed the slate tiles on the top deck and replaced them with wood decking. Don’t worry though, we’ve kept every single piece and intend to relay them underneath, in front of the garage entrance.

Img_2042_web 011_ep

That’s Wille and Martin viewing the house for the very first time in 1998. Wille has grown a little bit since then.



The entrance to the garage at the back of the house below the top deck (we don’t have a car). Looking at the "before" it looks like the entrance to a mine… Still the same door but revamped slightly. The orange/green bits in the background are the well used super soakers 🙂

Have to admit, I love my little house!

Ps. You can find more before & after’s from inside of the house here .