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Chez Larsson

My first post ever


I have told so many people who’ve asked me that I’m not going to start blogging… well, here I am….

Cheered on by hubby and son I decided to go for it.

Do I have the time? No not really, but I’ll make time somehow…one always does when one wants too and I do!

My blog will probably be mostly about my house and home and all things crafty.

I’ll share my organizing tips and maybe a few how-to’s, if you want me to.

Oh, (you probably noticed already…) I’ll be blogging in English although it’s not my language. I considered Swedish, but since I want to share my blog with my Flickr friends, English it is. Hope any of you Swedes out there who may come upon this page won’t mind J.

Hej tjejer!

Since I’m just starting out and am a total newbie at this I’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way, but please bear with me… I’m a pretty fast learner.  All you other bloggers out there, feel free to give me any pointers on how it’s done properly. It’s much appreciated!

There! I did it! Ha!