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Chez Larsson

Organizing my craft supplies


The photo above has been blogged here and there in cyberspace and to date 95 people consider it a fave on Flickr! I thought I’d let you get a closer look to what’s hiding in the drawers (which are from Muji by the way. One of my favourite shops). Be prepared to scroll…

Since the photo was taken I’ve rearranged the drawers a little so they work even better for all the stuff inside. One of the beauties of the these drawers is that you can switch them around to your hearts content:)

From the top:

018_3 013_5

Top drawer left: Postage info, scales, Tyvek envelopes

Top drawer right: Cushioned envelopes, bubble wrap (pink!)

017 012

2nd drawers left: Ribbon scraps, notions

2nd drawers right: Punches, stamps, glitter, sequins

016 010

3rd drawer left: Gift wrapping notions, pull bows

3rd drawers right: Tape, metal wire, glue dots

015 009

4th drawer left: Ribbons

4th drawer right: Cellophane -bags, -sleeves, gift bags

014 008 

5th drawer left: More ribbons…

5th drawer right : Gift tags

007_ep 005_ep_2

6th drawer right: Stickers

7th drawer right: Beads

That’s it. Enjoy!

Ps. I’m still having a little trouble getting my photos centered. I wanted the two photos centered together in a neat orderly fashion (haha) but they kept jumping apart in an annoying way so in the end I gave up. But I’ll figure it out!