Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



I’m impatiently waiting for Martin and Wille to return from Greece, apparently the flight was delayed for three hours. They just called from the airport to say they’ve landed.


One of the perks for Wille when he returns is that he gets to put a new pin on the world map! He’s been to Greece before but not to that particular island.


The map is behind his bed and we each have a different pin color. Martin’s are blue, mine green and Wille’s are red. He changed his from white because he thought his travels weren’t visible enough 🙂


Our next trip abroad is sheduled August 28th when Wille and I go to New York City for a long weekend. That will be Wille’s first trip to the States. So exciting. I’ve been to NYC a few time already but I so look forward to see the sights with my son!