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Organizing my kitchen utensils

Lindzi is doing a great revamp of her 60’s kitchen. She asked to see how I organize my kitchen utensils so I guess she’s at that stage now where she’s figuring out what goes where.


In my kitchen I try to keep only the utensils Martin and I use frequently. There’s just not room for more.We have seven smallish drawers and one flower pot full. In the flower pot above we keep larger spatulas, whisks and other items which either get stuck or lost in the drawers.


This is the cutlery drawer. It’s the top drawer of two under the sink for easy access and it’s also where we keep scissors, potato peelers etc. In the photo it’s very obvious to me that I need to repaint the wood…


Here’s the knife drawer. My mom and dad used to have a similar set up for knives in their house and I copied that idea as it keeps the knives from knocking against each other. It’s basically a strip of wood with notches in it screwed to the bottom of the drawer from underneath.


This is the miscellaneous drawer. It’s the top one on the other side. In it we keep cling film, aluminium foil (both in Muji holders), freezer bags, clips, elastic bands, skeleton magnets and cup cake cups among other things. The dividers are from a local DIY store, Clas Ohlson.


This is my famous candle drawer :). I posted a photo of it on Flickr in December and it was blogged world wide. I got lots of comments by people applauding that I was so well prepared in case of a power outage. Besides of candles there’s also a lighter, match boxes and a candle sharpener.


Third drawer. Filled with all whisk attachments, ice cream scoops, measuring spoons, chop sticks and various other utensils.


Bendy straws, zip loc- and  sandwich bags, wire egg cups and trivets share one drawer.


The bottom drawer is deeper than the rest. It’s the one I like the least. It keeps getting messy and tangled. Measuring cups, grater, metal trivet, thermo mug, egg slicer, wooden rolling pin…


On the inside of one of the lower doors I keep some wire racks and I’ve screwed a hook inside the top where a large metal rolling pin hangs from.


We have a pantry downstairs in the basement. We keep bulk packs of food there but also some of the less frequently used kitchen utensils. Actually I’ll write a separate post of that whole space some day.

Oh boy, did you really scroll all the way down here? Thank you so much for hanging in there!


  • Lindzi says:

    THANK YOU for taking your time to document this! I love the idea of the utensils in a white flower pot. I use a narrow Höganäs which I don’t really like. Also loved the knife rack and the hook inside the door.
    I might just carry your ideas with me into my kitchen. I am so in love with your organizing tips that it has finally got me going since we moved in. Away with chaos, time to organize! I bought 7 white containers today to separate all our cleaning stuff. One for vacuuming stuff, one for shoe polish, one for window and floor cleaning etc. How do you keep yours? Take Care!

  • Petra says:

    Great organising tips as usual! We have a similar solution in our kitchen with our most used utensils in a white tin by the stove. What I can also recommend and something which frees up drawer space as well as keep them out of reach from small hands is a magnet knife rack (e.g. IKEA’s Asker).

  • El Jinx says:

    Just to say how much I’m enjoying your blog. I’m trying to find the time and the energy to organise my kitchen revamp – at the moment, there’s a huge hole in the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom, which is great for ventilation but not terribly pretty… 🙂
    Thanks for all your tips.

  • Doesn’t it feel great to be organized?! Everything looks terrific, nice work!

  • MrsMK says:

    So inspiring, Benita! I love that at least one drawer in your house gets a little jumbled!
    You’ve got me on a roll, this house is getting ship shape!

  • mrs. french says:

    Oh my! Your kitchen makes my kitchen look like it has been hit my a massive, messy tornado.

  • I too like so many love your blog. I espcially love the last photo where you can see your reflection in one of the utencils!
    Keep up the great work. I’ve been slowly sorting out my kitchen. Need to hit Ikea for some white boxes. 🙂

  • Fröken L says:

    Have to say that I really enjoy your blog!! So many inspiring pics! And I also really like the kind of house you live in, small but charming 🙂

  • d-ann says:

    Can I come hang out at your house. So that I can organize my parents.. 🙂

  • Maggie says:

    I love your blog! And I keep my marijuana with my cupcake liners as well 😉

  • Benita says:

    Haha, that would be intoxicating catnip you spotted. I agree, it does look the same.I spent 6 monthe as an au pair in LA in 1984 so I would know 🙂

  • Your kitchen absolutely looks neat and organized. I love the flower pot for storing spatulas, whisks and other utensils! Sometimes, it just takes a little creativity to come up with your own savvy kitchen organizers.

  • Jesse Lu says:

    1) What is a Muji holder?
    2) Where on earth do I find a candle sharpener and what exactly do I need it for?
    Love your organization posts!

  • 1) Muji is a japanese home store so the Muju holders are simply holders (for cling film and aluminum foil) from Muji 🙂
    2) You can get them in shops here in Sweden. We are major candle users in this country. Not just for parties and celebrations, but for every day use also. You use it for trimming the ends of the candles if they are to thick to fit in your candle holder. Let me know if you want me to get you one, I’m sure I can source one (I got mine from my MIL).

  • nita says:

    wow your kitchen is really neat. I need serious organizing to my kitchen. what was the red-white checkered lined in your drawer? are they wrapping paper?

  • It was shelf paper which is similar to warpping paper but is coated so you can wipe it.

  • Kit says:

    I really need to reorganize – I have 6 kitchen drawers, all poorly organized.
    Most of what you have in these drawers , I have in shoe pockets hanging on the back of a door off the kitchen, and- I use fewer utensils – why is my kitchen so overfull?!?