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What do do with the TV

Rachel e-mailed me and asked how I store/display our TV.

That is a tricky one. I’m not a big fan of technical stuff. It tends to be masculine, boxy, black and a million unsightly  wires involved… not my cup of tea at all so I’m probably storing mine rather than displaying it. I’m sure there are some nice TV’s out there  but I have yet to see them and they’re probably pretty expensive and although we watch quite a bit we don’t need the latest nor want to spend that kind of money on it.


Since we do watch every day and don’t always want to see the same shows we have two sets. There’s one in the livingroom and one in Wille’s room. He’s got a flat one and the other one is of the old school bulky variety. I have thought of getting a flat one for the livingroom too but considering where it’s placed and the fact that we swivel the unit around to either watch from the sofa or the dining table (I know, shame on us) it feels safer the way it is.


We built both units ourselves out of trusty old MDF. They are both on wheels so they can be moved around a little bit.

The livingroom unit houses the TV on top and satellite decoder and dvd player in the box underneath. Like most things in our house, which is quite small, it’s the only spot for the TV. It doesn’t really go anywhere else. It does look very central in the top photo. I promise you that it’s not as in your face in real life. The wires are coming from Wille’s room to the right behind the TV which is why it ended up there in the first place but because it’s got the back to the windows there it’s probably the best spot for it anyways.


Wille’s unit houses his TV on top and TV and game stuff inside, satellite decoder, XBOX 360, Wii, games, remotes and so on. We got Wii Fit about a month ago and luckily the step board fits right under the unit.


Have you tried Wii fit yet? It’s so much fun and so great, for one it gets my computer freak son moving. My personal fave is the hula hoop…

Like I said before, I love hearing from you, so again, if you have any issue you think I might be able to help with I’d love to try, so go ahead and e-mail me or leave a comment!


  • Anna @ D16 says:

    OK, not a question about the TV, but about those orange Fritz Hansen stools I see hiding behind the corner. 🙂
    Did you paint them orange, or did they come that way? I have a REALLY beat-up black one that I’m about to refinish, and I love the way that bright color looks.

  • Benita says:

    Hi Anna, unfortunately the stools aren’t Fritz Hansen. They’re some plastic orange knock-offs we thrifted… would have been nice though 🙂
    I’d bring yours to a car paint place (or whatever they’re called). Or if you want to diy, use spray paint. If you have those metal rivets on the seat you might be able to use round stickers to mask them off?! I wouldn’t use a brush or roller, you’d want a really smooth finish.

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for answering my question! It was msot helpful to see your photos, particularly of the flat screen since that is what we have. And, I love my Wii Fit! It makes working out so easy, and fun! My favorite is the step aerobics.

  • essko says:

    Er låda på hjul under TVn är helt perfekt, så enkel och självklar! Letar ständigt efter något liknande, men har inte lyckats än (nej, snickrar inte mer än nödvändigt;))

  • Alice says:

    Please do a post about the furniture you and your husband make! They sound like they are easy to put together, but I don’t quite understand – for the paper storage did you just glue the pieces? Do they come covered with the white laminate or is that paint? if you’ve covered this in previous comments, sorry for the ask-again.

  • Benita says:

    Hi Alice,
    I’ve had quite a few questions on how w build our units, both here and on Flickr and I’ve answered them a little at a time. There’s sort of an explanation in my last comment here but I understand if you haven’t seen it 🙂
    We are about to build something pretty soon (within a few weeks hopefully) so I promise I’ll take step-by-step photos then and post them with instructions.

  • Kristy says:

    I like how your TV is not pretending to be anything else.I think when people try to hide them they often just stand out more.TV’s are an important part of modern life there’s no point trying to hide it!It’s funny as people felt the same about the first gramaphones years ago and hid them in big pieces of furniture. Whereas now we would consider them design classics and put them on display!