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Cube shelf how-to


This one’s for Ibabe from Vitoria, Brazil Spain.


I love cube shelves. My parents used to have two which were dark red as I grew up. Mom had part of her miniature liqueur collection in them. Very 70’s, non? After a move I inherited them and painted them white. They have since hung in my livingroom and in them I display my current favourite nick nacks.


Ibabe spotted the cube shelves in Wille’s room in a photo and wanted to know how I made them. I based the design on the livingroom ones but made them smaller. Wille has nine on the wall above his TV showing off his Simpson’s collection. As he was younger they showcased his built legos and previous to that his dinosaurs.


I used scrap wood like old chip board shelves to build them. They are 11"x11" (28×28 cm) and each piece was simply cut at a 45 degree angle using a mitre saw. The four pieces were then wood glued together, nailed and clamped. Be sure that the angles are 90 degrees as you are clamping or you will have a wonky end product.


To hang the cubes I used these little devices from the hardware store. I first used a fat drill bit to drill holes on the top parts of the shelves and then screwed the little mounting thingys on. For them to hang straight you need to be careful to put the mounts on at the same height on both sides. This way you can use a spririt level to draw a line on the wall, measure in between the mounts and mark on the wall where to hammer in the nails.

Good luck!


  • Lilla My says:

    Jag gillar din blogg och har länkat till dig.Hoppas att det är okej.Jag såg att du har skrivit att det är okej att låna bilder från bloggen bara man länkar tillbaka och det har jag också gjort =)Ha en skön kväll

  • Ksenia in Canada says:

    Thanks again for another fantastic DIY post! I never would have considered building something like this myself before reading this, but now I think maybe I could do it!
    I think that displaying children’s objects and artworks is very challenging but your son’s room is an incredible example of how to do it right.

  • Good idea! I have been wanting to do this to display some of my old cameras… another project on the list :).

  • ibabe says:

    Thanks very much for the how-to. Promise to send photos if I find some time to built some.
    A little think. Vitoria, in Spain. Jajajaja, hope to be in Brazil, better weather all year…jajajajaj
    Thanks so much.

  • Angela says:

    Is that perspex compartments inside the cube shelves? How are those made?

  • I didn’t make those. They were damaged leftovers after a project at work.Just pure luck that they fit! I bet you could add shelves in a cube though by routing a groove in the center of each side and sliding a cross of perspex into the groves.

  • Jane says:

    Hi Benita,
    Did you simply just glue the edges or is there some kind of trick to hide the nails? It looks amazing and flawless.

  • They are glued and nailed. The nails are sunk with the help of an awl looking tool (hammered into the wood below the surface) and the holes filled and sanded to get a smooth finish.