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Fridge Friday

Today was my last day at work before my four week holiday. Yay! I’ll be staying at home most of the time. Yay! A lot of projects to finish and a lot to start. Yay!


When I asked what kind of posts you’d like to see on my blog quite a few of you said you wanted a peek into my fridge. I’ve said it before, I’m not a foodie and with Martin and Wille having been gone for a couple of weeks on adventures I hope you’re not expecting much food in there, right?!


This is the fridge/freezer itself. It’s one of the few splurges in our house so far. We changed the not so fresh (understatement, considering the house hadn’t been lived in for over a year) fridge/freezer which was there and got an inexpensive Whirlpool. We figured, how bad can a cheap fridge be? A fridge is a fridge, right?! Not. After a few weeks the plastic shelves started breaking and when complaining to the Whirlpool people we were more or less accused of breaking the shelves on purpose. Why would we want to do that? Needless to say we’ll never buy another Whirlpool appliance ever again. We do love our Miele though.


It’s not very big, but there’s plenty of room enough for food and drinks for the three of us.


This drinks dispenser is one of my favourite US buys. It’s from Martha Stewart Kmart, I’ve had it for years and I love it.


Another fridge fave is the cheese dome. It’s not very attractive but works beautifully. A lot of the times we leave the cheese planer in there together with the cheese.


There are two vegetable drawers and in one we keep root vegetables. I again use ice cream containers as dividers. Carrots in one and potatoes in one. Any other root veggies simply go on top, like Ms Horseradish cuddeling next to Mr Carrot.


In the other we keep the other veggies. Peppers and cucumbers are our favourites.


Martin is very fond of spicy sauces so his Tabasco’s, Sambal Oelek’s and some other odd, spicy and hot foreign buys share space inside of the door with other bottled cooking ingredients.


Here are other fridge fave’s of mine. My US bulk buys, the squeeze bottles. I use them here in the fridge but also for cleaning liquids around the house. And cheap but delicious Aussie Chardonnay, my summer drinking choice.



  • Carolyn in Oregon says:

    I’m wondering about the oh-so-cute little silvery triangles above your door to the left of the fridge. Can you tell us about them?
    Love the plastic squeeze bottles for the condiments. It neatens everything up.
    Back to toiletries, I put all my bottles and containers on the bathroom counter in a basket from IKEA. It does look neater!

  • manon says:

    yeah miele rocks (i had to say that since I am german 🙂
    where did you get those squeeze bottles. I have seen them before in your house and was always wondering.

  • Benita says:

    Carolyn, how great that your bathroom looks neater 🙂
    Those triangles are our faves too! They are probably the original handles for the kitchen from the 30’s. When we moved in there were a few on some of the original kitchen cabinets which were used to store paint in the garage. We mounted them on the 50’s kitchen and had additional ones made to match as there were not enough for all the doors.

  • Benita says:

    Manon, I buy them in the States. They can usually be found in stores there like Kitchen Kapers who sell cooking utensils etc.
    I have been told that they or similar one’s are sold here in Stockholm too, but everytime I’ve gone to buy some they’ve been out of stock:( The shop staff tell me there is a smaller version also. Imagine having some of those for the not so tall shelves… Now I have to got to that shop as I suddenly feel desperate for some!
    I imagine you’d be able to get some in a well stocked cooking shop in Germany too.

  • Linda Muhr says:

    Riktigt kul att kolla in i ditt kylskåp!
    Hoppas du får en underbar semester, jag jobbar 1 vecka till innan jag har 4 veckor, tror jag oxå ska dona med lite projekt!
    Kram Linda

  • Lindzi says:

    Njut och skriv mycket här! 😀 Jag använder också glasslådor för det har alltid min Mamma gjort.

  • Eva says:

    Bregott… Oh how I miss that 🙂 I sure wish I could get some here. I don’t know what it is about the stuff, but I absolutely love it… together with some Swedish cheese (which I can buy at the IKEA in Arlon) 🙂
    Cheers Eva

  • Wendy in Seattle says:

    In the photo where you show the closeup of the Martha Stewart drink dispenser, where did you get the glass storage containers to the left of the dispenser? (The ones the peanut butter is sitting atop). It looks like they might have plastic tops?

  • Benita says:

    Wendy, I forgot to mention those! They are also faves 🙂 From IKEA but no longer for sale unfortunately or I’d stock up on some more. They are glass containers with plastic lids which stay put really well due to of rubber “rings” holding them in place. I like that they look nice enough for the table once the lid’s off.

  • rhonda jean says:

    What a great fridge. It’s good to see you drink Australian wine. I’m from australia and have never seen that particular wine packaging. I’ve never known anyone to keep potatoes in the fridge.
    I found your blog last week and am enjoying it very much. You have a beautiful home.

  • Anki says:

    Ååååh, jag kan knappt beskriva hur mycket din blogg inspirerar mig! Jag vill alltid genast gå och ta itu med en massa som ligger och väntar på att fixas, du ger mig “en spark i baken” hahaha! Tack snälla för att du delar med dig så mycket i text och bilder.
    Önskar dig en riktigt skön semester!

  • Jean says:

    Hi Benita, I think a lot of us are going to throw out some of our refrigerated, out-of-date, jarred items after seeing your fridge. I have a couple of questions. What’s the thing in your fridge that looks like a bell a teacher would have – the silver, domed object? And what do you keep in the Muck boxes above the fridge?

  • Ksenia in Canada says:

    In the US, you can get those squeeze bottles here:
    I have a Miele dishwasher and I love it so much.
    Thanks for sharing the inside of your fridge Benita :-). I used to think that parts of the home that are hidden from ordinary view don’t matter. Your photos inspire me to bring more beauty and order to those parts that *I* see all the time, even if others don’t.

  • Benita says:

    Jean, The domed little metal lid has a porceline base. It’s a butter dome. Wille doesn’t like any sauces, like ketchup or other but he loves garlic butter which we keep in there. It’s so cute, and useful and everytime we bring it out we all want to tap the top because it looks like one of those counter bells 🙂
    In the Muck boxes I keep: 1)Cookie cutters, frosting bags and cake decorating items 2) Nothing at the moment 3) Paper grocery bags 4) Lightbulbs and batteries
    Ksenia, thank you so much for that link. They take international orders so guess who’s shopping!!!!?

  • Shangrilewis says:

    Hmmmm….so can I be really nosy? What would you eat with all those ingredients? How often do you grocery shop? What is the texture of the potatoes? I love to keep potatoes around, but I always forget about them in the cupboard and they turn green. My mom always said you should put them in the fridge. I’m thinking I’ll give it a try next time though.
    And, the cheese…what does it taste like. It looks like it’s the texture of parmesan.

  • miss m. says:

    which shop in stockholm did you try shopping for those squeeze bottles? because i tried to find them, the last time i was in stockholm… for example from design house stockholm.

  • Benita says:

    Shangrilewis, we eat mostly mediterranean inspired dishes which Martin cooks. I’ve heard the same about potatos but I’ve tried both having them out, in the dark downstairs pantry and in the fridge. The fridge works the best for us. The cheese is a medium hard cheese called Klosterost. It has quite a nutty flavor. It’s not as hard as parmesan.
    Miss M, I’v been trying to remember the name of the shop ever since you asked and I’ve tried to find it online. Sorry, I just can’t remember or find it. I think it’s on Birger Jarlsgatan, pretty close to Stureplan and close to a shop called Norrgavel. If I do remember or find it I’ll let you know!

  • I’ve been reading back through and decided to start at the beginning, so I’m working my way through July now. 🙂
    I see you’ve referenced these plastic tubs called “ice cream containers” more than once. Our ice cream in the States comes in cardboard containers, so I don’t know if the ones you use are repurposed from ice cream you’ve bought and eaten, or if you can buy them and they’re similarly shaped to store-bought ice cream, or if you make your own ice cream and this is the container sold by home ice cream making suppliers. Enlighten me, please! Or just let me know that you answer the question somewhere further up the line than I have currently read. 🙂

  • Chloe says:

    Not sure if you will see this comment since this is an old post, but I just found your blog and have read through all your archives! You are such an inspiration, and I’ve done so much organizing since starting to read here haha!
    One question- I’d love to try putting some things in squeeze bottles too but I’m just wondering how you get them in the bottles? Mayo for example, is very thick, so I can’t imagine how that would fit through a funnel? Thanks!

  • Chloe says:

    Oh, I also forgot to ask- when you fill the bottles, what do you do if not all of the contents of the original jar fit?

  • I do use a funnel, but one with a wider opening. The mayo in particular came from a squeeze bottle though so I just squeezed it in 🙂

  • I store them in our basement pantry.

  • Chloe says:

    Thanks! For the answer as well as the super quick response!