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Pure white


When it comes to utility rooms my definite color of choice is pure white. To me it just spells C-L-E-A-N.

I never even considered another color in the basement. White was so obvious. All downstairs utility areas including the laundry room are pure white. Even the garage in fact.


White paint and basic white tiles are my absolute favourite in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.


After posting about my linen and towel storage solutions I had quite a few comments on how white my towels look. Even my mother-in-law asks me that after visiting :). To be quite truthful some do have the odd stain that won’t come out no matter what but at least the overall look is white and clean. As I’m writing this I can sort of see you all think "she’s obsessed with this white thing". I think I am.

To answer your questions on how I keep them white: 1) I listen to advice. An independent study was made here in Sweden and the "best in test" was a brand called ICA Skona. They have a fragrance free version (both Martin and Wille are somewhat allergic to fragrances). The fact that this detergent is not the most expensive one and is environmentally friendly is obviously a bonus. 2) I change and wash my towels often 3) Once in a while I do use bleach. Usually about once a year during the summer months. Then I line dry them in the sun.


Again, truthfully, the photos on Flickr tagged Laundry room are not of just one room… The photo of the shelving above (old painted wardrobe doors on simple backets) is not actually of the same room as the washing mashine in the top photo.  In fact the washing mashine is in a walkthrough space leading to the boat room. The shelving above is in the room where the heating system is. They are very closeby (it is a small house…)  and to me it’s THE laundry room, it just means I’m carrying my newly laundered linens from one space to another. I’ll show you on the downstairs footprint tomorrow.


  • Monica says:

    Really?? ICA Skona?? I didn’t know this. I’ll be buying this from now on. Thanks for the advice.

  • Anna @ D16 says:

    My laundry room looks like a dungeon, literally (stone walls and dirt floor). I hate going down there! I have serious basement envy right now.

  • Benita says:

    Anna, that’s what mine looked like ten years ago! That’s when I reached for the white paint and tiles…

  • Concha says:

    I’m all for white as well! White towels, white sheets, white walls, that’s my home. Can I say once more that I love your blog? 🙂

  • Barb (Australia) says:

    You are so right about white. I am going to be doing my bathrooms and laundry over the next 12 months and I keep coming back to white. Then I have this wrestle with myself thinking that it’s a boring, safe option and that I should be more adventurous. Like you said though, there is nothing that says clean like all-white…as well as calm and peaceful. I think you’ve helped me make up my mind!

  • enthusia says:

    we are in the process of cleaning out our basement and reorganizing. i really want to paint the basement completely white after we clean it out, but we’re planning on curing cheese in that space. any recommendations on avoiding a painted space, but still having that lovely light that white brings into a closed space?
    i can’t wait to see the plan for your lower house. my own home is a similar size–i am so inspired to do more!

  • Benita says:

    Concha, please do, please do 🙂
    Enthusia, how about tiling the space? If you’re handling food there I guess it should be easy to keep clean. I love my completely tiled white kitchen. The tiles bounce the light beautifully and you can wipe the whole place down.

  • Kristy says:

    I do love how clean the white looks. Are all your clothes white too so they don’t spoil the look whilst they are being laundered and ironed?!!

  • Lindzi says:

    Mamma Mia! Sååå fräscht! Jag drömmer om att renovera vår stora tvättstuga också. Den är ganska vit men det är vinyltapet som jag vill ska bort så småningom. Jag vill inte heller ta stark parfymtvätt mot mina barns hud. Jag ska köpa Skona nu när jag vet att den är bäst i test. Fast jag använder alltid flytande… Det dammar mindre. Men du, vet du om det blir lika rent? Kramar i massor!

  • Katja says:

    Living in a small apartment we have our washing machine in the (very small) bathroom corner! When we move into a bigger home I’m definitely looking for your blog as inspiration, your home looks so beautiful and well organized!

  • Wow I wish I could make my laundry space look like this.

  • Christine says:

    I had inquired before about you keep your whites so clean – thank you for the information. Your pictures are beautiful.

  • Laur says:

    I have never been envious of someone’s laundry room before. . . there’s a first time for everything

  • carol says:

    What a beautiful laundry room! I was wondering how you kept your white linens so clean. I don’t think we have ICA Skona in the U.S.! It is nice that it works and is also environmentally friendly. Once again, an inspiring blog from you, Benita. Thank you!

  • enthusia says:

    using tiles are a good idea–
    it makes me think we should build a kitchen-like space (with counters and all) in the basement…i will have to photograph the space and show you once we clean it out! it is very, very bare, like a cave!
    thanks for the advice!

  • jenny says:

    åh vad snyggt och fräsch!
    min dröm är en stor tvättstuga med rum till att vika och stryka och sortera.
    så fint du har gjort det!