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We’re on wheels


If it where up to Martin every bit of furniture in our house would be on wheels. He has a particular passion for the industrial type ones.


I like wheels too, both the look of them but also the function. Here they allow us to swivel the TV from sofa mode to dinner mode. I know, bad habit.


On Willes computer unit they enable us to get behind the unit to check cables. I also like the fact that they make it easy to clean, just wheeling the unit out of way.


This unit can be moved from it’s normal docking space at the wall to a position which enables Wille to watch TV from bed.


The clear wheels are from IKEA.


In the basement, in the laundry room, I added wheels to a vintage laundry basket. We keep bags etc in it. The air really needs to circulate in that particular spot because there’s a hole underneath in the floor with the pipes where our plumbing connects to the city’s. The wheels give an extra couple of inches in height for better aircirculation and also good access to what’s inside the basket.


These were store bought at a local department store, Åhléns, with wheels on them already. They slide easily from under the shelf where they’re sitting, also in the basement, under the stairs.

Do you have wheels on any of your furniture?


  • Alison says:

    It might sound odd, but I put wheels on my washer and dryer. I made two square platforms, from thick plywood and boards, and put sturdy little wheels in the corners, to make it easier if any repair needs to be done on the plumbing or on the machines.
    By the way, I just discovered your blog, and really enjoy your good ideas and clear writing.

  • tay says:

    I’ve always wanted to put wheels on my furniture because I like to rearrange it periodically but I’ve been concerned about raising it too high or having different odd levels. It’s great to see someone who has actually done it. Was the height of raised furniture of any concern? I’ll bet you measured everything before attaching the wheels!

  • Benita says:

    Alison, I’m intigued by your wheels 🙂 My previous washer would dance about all on it’s own without wheels. If I were to add wheels to the one I have now I’m sure it would dance all the way into the hallway! Love that it works on your appliances though 🙂
    Tay, we are pretty “go for it” kind of people so if we want wheels on something we’ll have a think about the proportions for sure but usually just go for it. On the armchairs we removed the existing legs that where there and replaced them with the wheels, so the height is pretty much the same as before.

  • Kristie says:

    I am just beginning to love wheels on furniture. It makes cleaning a breeze! I currently have a desk on wheels and some storage bins that house my little one’s toys. It makes clean up a snap because I can wheel the bin to where the mess is and I’m done.

  • kristin says:

    i thought i was odd for putting wheels on things! we have wheels on our credenza, a chair, storage bins, a desk, a planter, our laundry sorter… i’m so glad to see i’m not alone! i love the idea of putting wheels on the washer and dryer, too!

  • Ksenia in Canada says:

    If I put wheels on things my kids would go crazy play bumper cars with everything :-D. My solution is to try to wall-mount everything, but I will consider a wheeled tv cart as we don’t watch much tv so we don’t want to store it in a “primo” location.

  • TM says:

    We only have wheels on the under bed storage drawer, but now you’ve got me thinking “Hmmm.. where can I put wheels?”….

  • Wendy in Seattle says:

    I love the concept of wheels on furniture, and would love to implement it at my home. Doesn’t it cause a chair or sofa roll backwards if somebody “plops” down into it?

  • Benita says:

    Wendy, The front wheels on the armchairs are lockable. There’s a lever to step on so the wheels stay put until you step again to unlock.

  • ANNAANNA says:

    Inga hjul här, vår lägenhet är inte av typen att man kan flytta runt på saker…
    Vi har en annan variant av lättstädat istället. Skrivbord som höjd med en motor så man sliper krypa undr och dammsuga.
    Den dag vi flyttar till hus, då blir det en hel del hul om jag får bestämma. Soffor borde oftare ha hjul för det går ju helt enkelt inte att städa under å bakom dem annars.

  • Ali says:

    We have wheels on a couple of pieces of furniture, but my dearest hubby has immobilized them with wheel cups because he’s paranoid about damaging the wooden floor. Aaaaargh.

  • jenny says:

    off topic…
    I signed up for email at and saw that an organizational newsletter is “coming soon.” Maybe you could be their editor!

  • Alison says:

    About the wheels on our washer and dryer – I thought that the locking wheels would keep the washer from “dancing” around, which it did even before the wheels were added. No, it still did. SO…I took some dense rubber padding (about 1/2 inch or 1 cm thick)and put it under the wheels. Now the machine still shakes, but doesn’t go anywhere…

  • Christine says:

    We have the Stokke beds for our children, they’re on wheels which is really convenient. And our computer desk is on wheels for easy access to all the cables there (and because it’s in front of a built-in closet). It’s still a bigh wish to have a tv on wheels, because right now it’s not at the best spot.

  • Tant Grön says:

    Jag har tänkt sätta hjul på min soffa, en riktig mastodont från House. Ni har ju hjul på det mesta, så jag tänkte fråga vilken vikt era hjul på soffan tål och hur många ni använt. De ser väldigt små ut, men man ska ju inte dömma hunden efter håren, boken efter omslaget osv. 🙂 Senad måste jag ju oxå säga att ni har ett väldigt fint hem, med många smarta lösningar, gillar dina sorterade lådor och garderober, väldigt fint och prydligt. Man mår ju så bra i själen när det är ordning å reda 🙂

  • Benita says:

    Hej Tant Grön! Hjulen på översta bilden sitter på en fåtölj, inte på en soffa. Men om man skaffar riktiga industrihjul t ex från Tellus (som i princip bara säljer hjul) så klarar de säkert en tung soffa. På industrihjul står också oftast maxvikten och i en hjulbutik som Tellus kan de med all säkerhet säga om de hjul du är intresserad av kommer att funka. Lycka till!

  • Tant Grön says:

    Åh, tack för svaret och tipset, ska genast kolla upp Tellus!

  • Pat says:

    I am currently putting all our storage in our basement on wheels. It is a work space that needs to change often and accomodate different arrangements depending on the project. We LOVE it! Not done and still wanting more!