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Chez Larsson

New York, New York!

We’re back and wow! Wille and I had the best time on the other side of the Atlantic!


We stayed at Joanna’s place in the heart of the Greenwich Village on Bleecker Street. That fact alone was a huge bonus for me as I’m a die hard Simon and Garfunkel fan… The Village is so atmospheric and it has such a different vibe from higher up on Manhattan. It was lovely to be able to get some snacks at the Gourmet Garage and relax in the apartment after a busy day exploring the city.

I had planned to let you in on our adventures by Wille’s iPhone but it didn’t work. After having written the same post four times and the phone shutting itself down every time I gave up. Sorry about that!

So here’s what we did.


  • Walked along part of 5th Avenue and Times Square. Wille liked 🙂
  • Took a quick walk through Central Park and were amazed at all the joggers and bike riders.
  • Walked through the Village and Soho. Wish there had been more time for that.
  • Took a quick peek at Chinatown. It’s very much like the real thing.


I was very good. I passed Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, the Container Store and many many other favourite haunts without entering. Just sighing slightly while passing… On the other hand I visited and shopped at Kid Robot, AC Gears, the Apple store and in the gift shops at the sites we saw. But since the whole point of the trip was for Wille to enjoy it, I’m ok with that 🙂 I’ll get my turn later.


Wille and I did find common shopping ground at Dylan’s Candy Bar, the Moma Store and at Barnes and Noble though! Barnes and Noble is such a great book store and I always go mad in there when I visit the States. I was so happy that Wille enjoyed it just as much as I do! Wille also enjoyed Starbuck’s so I was able to get my coffee fix at regular intervals.


We had a million other plans too, like to see The Blue Man Group, go on a sail boat trip on the Hudson, go on a Friends tour etc but we were simply too tired in the evenings and it was so hot so we loved to just crash on the sofa with snacks and soda and watch CSI and Monk marathons 🙂


Our flight was delayed this morning and since we got home we’ve been unpacking, doing laundry and some homework and trying out the various gadgets we’ve bought. As I’m writing this Wille is watching his Heroes season 2 DVD’s. Not yet released over here so ofcourse he just had to get that! He is envious that Season 3 will be up soon in the US and will take a while to get here …


I hope you’ve all been fine while I’ve been absent. I’ve missed you and it feels nice to be back blogging!