Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

Night and day

Chateau 021

This is where I'm staying in Guangzhou… Beautiful but way too glitzy for my liking. I don't know about you but I get really uncomfortable when there's too much staff and when things are so fancy that theres too much detail everywhere. I really shouldn't complain, I just wish they'd skimped a little on… something.

Chateau 025

This is the restaurant…

Chateau 026

… where I had this for dinner. See what I mean? I don't do fancy.

Chateau 019

This is actually a beautiful detail. The sand in the ashtray is prepped like this everytime somebody has used it. It just all seems a little too much.

Chateau 001

Here's my room. I alone reside ( you cant really say "stay") in this huge room with two large beds, a flatscreen TV, free mini bar, plush bathrobe…


…and this seating area (or part of seating area as there's actually more) overlooking the swimmingpool and Pearl River.


I do love the lamp!


Ok, off into the shower I go…

Chateau 008

… Very me, don't you think?! And there are 360 degree mirrors in there… The hotel staff slogan is "It's my pleasure!". All these mirrors in the morning are so not my pleasure…


My collegues and I doubled up in laughter when we opened our closets and found these ruffled umbrellas. We pictured ourselves walking side by side in the street sporting these which are parasol like in size.  Imagine it raining and a man staying in the hotel needing to borrow it :) 

That was night. Here's day!


This futuristic building houses one of the 16 halls of the Trade and Commodities Import and Export fair here in Guangzhou.




I was just told over dinner that the square meters which are covered are 1 050 000 (one million fifty thousand)! As you can imagine there's a lot of walking involved at the fair and you really build up an appetite. 

Korv (2) 

This is more or less what's on offer in terms of lunch. They put the whole thing still in it's unopened package in the microwave and when you get it it's all steamy inside and sort of deflates when you take it out :) Ooooh, I so look forward until tomorrow when I can have another one! And it's healthy too!