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Sewing machine cover how-to

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did. Got a lot done on Saturday and had fun friends over on Sunday.

During lunch on Sunday Martin and I suddenly realised it was our 18th wedding anniversary! Us forgetting wasn't a first though. I think we remembered our first few years and have since forgotten… :) 


On to todays project!

Now that my sewing machine is constantly out in the open I decided to sew a cute cover for it. It prevents the machine from getting dusty and makes it prettier to look at too.



I measured the machine where it is the widest and deepest. I also measured it from the front over to the back. I added 12 mm (1/2") seam allowance on all sides and cut two pieces for the sides and one long piece which runs from the front to the back. My pieces were 2 pcs 17×30 cm ( 7×11 3/4") and 1 pc 41×78 cm (16 1/4 x 30 3/4").


I then folded each piece to determine where the middle was and put pins in the folds.


The pins help you keep track of the middle and you then put the pieces together right sides facing each other.


Then I pinned all around the edges until  I had this upside down bag shape.


Normally when I sew I zig zag the pieces before stitching them but this time I started off by stitching the pieces together and zig zagged afterwards. I find that zig zagging after stiffens the edge a little bit which is good for this particular project.


After stitching and zig zagging I turned the cover right side out and tried it on to check the length. Turned the hem over, pinned at the appropriate height, stitched and ironed flat.


Oh, and you spotted correctly. I recovered the ironing board again… to match everything else in there. Like I don't have enough projects…