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Map lamp how-to

That was a lovely weekend, almost a mini vacation  after a 183 posts almost back to back 🙂



Here it is, by popular demand. Well, a couple of you wanted to know… and of course I'll do anything for you Ali. Ali by blogging one of my photos back in December 07 has yielded so much traffic to my Fickr page. Thank you!


Ok, to make a map lamp this is what you need: A lamp shade. For this small one I used a white lamp shade I had already. The one in Wille's room used to be covered in striped fabric but I tore that off and removed the glue residue with glue remover. Stinky! You'll want something similar to a cutting board, permanent spray adhesive, an exacto knife an of course your map of choice. Martin chose Stockholm for this one while the one in Wille's room is Barcelona.


This lamp shade is great because it has a ribbon edge and that will help you get a neat finish. The one in Wille's room didn't have that so there I had to be extra careful to cut it straight and glue it on straight too. Measure between the edges…


…and cut a long strip that covers the shade and then some. For Wille's I had to paste two together overlapping slightly. Then measure by holding the map strip around the map, make a mark and cut.

Spray permanent spray adhesive onto the back of the map (I do this outdoors) and affix to the shade  smoothing out any air bubbles with hands. 


Here's what the shade looks like unlit…


…and here lit. If you don't want the double map effect that you're going to get because bought tourist and road maps almost always have print on both sides you can probably color copy the map onto white paper first and glue that to the shade instead. I kind of like this effect tough.

I know there are bound to be some concerns regarding the safety of these lamps and I want to point out that I wouldn't do anything that would harm anyone, much less my own family. The lamp I made for Wille has been lit daily (nightly) since April without any problems what so ever. I use low watt bulbs and using a proper lamp shade underneath made out of lamp shade material makes me feel safe. If you have any concerns whatsoever though, stick to store bought shades and don't try this at home. Thanks!