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Chez Larsson

Ice Lantern How-To


Today is a skushy day but during the weekend it was cold. On Saturday as I was rummaging in the garage I found some plastic buckets and containers and realised how perfect they are for making ice lanterns!

Here's how:


One large container and one small filled up about 3/4 of water.


I don't think the lid is necessary but it helped keep the small container somewhat more in place under the criss cross pattern of masking tape. The idea is to float the small container in the center of the large one.


Place outside in the cold. The kit stayed outside for about 24 hours. Made the mistake of putting it where there happened to be sun for a while or it would have been quicker.


Back in the kitchen. Remove the small container. It wasn't really cold enough to freeze everything solid so there was still some water in both containers.


The large bucket did yield a lantern! Here's Wille's helping me remove it.


And here it is outside on the front steps. As you can see the fairy lights are still up. It's just too dark to take them down.


Wille enjoyed the thin ice disk from the small container too. Poured water on it to see how thin he could make the rim before it broke.


He even came up with smoothing out the edges and thinning it down even more by running warm water and using the tap… Then it broke.  Cheap thrills, huh!? 🙂