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Chez Larsson

Organizing First Aid Kits


This weekend I decided it was time to sort out the medicines and the first aid kits.


The medicine box was filled to the rim and after closer inspection I realized a lot had expired. Here in Sweden we can return our unused medicines to the pharmacy which I did during my lunch hour today.


A photo of my kits has been posted on Flickr a long time now but as I needed to redo the green cross which had become soiled I though I'd show you how I put them together. As my boxes (vintage gingerbread tins) are metal I use magnetic sheets to make the crosses. You could do a sticker or just a paper cross glued on too.


I drew a cross onto green paper, glued it onto a magnetic sheet and cut through both along the lines.


After weeding out the expired items it was a nice feeling to put the lid back on.


For the first aid kit I made new dividers out of card stock. It's so simple. Two same size rectangles (the diameter of the box) with cuts halfway down the center.


Put the divider together by slotting one cut into the other.


Place inside box and Tadaaa!!


One section if for eye care, one for surgical tape and bandages, one for band aids and cleaning of minor wounds and one for insect bites etc.

I love these little clean outs. Always feel really good about myself afterward 🙂