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Pantry Organizer My Way

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Do you subscribe to any of Martha's daily tips? I get the Organizing Tip of the Day in my e-mail box and there's also Cookie of the Day and Craft of the Day and although they have all been in the magazines at one time or another I like the reminders.


One tip which came by e-mail a couple of weeks ago is one that I've adapted a little bit since I saw it in the magazine years ago. It's the Pantry Organizer.

I wasn't able to find the tension rods required here in Sweden at the time so I made my own version by drilling holes at the bottom of my cabinet.


I took the opportunity to show you because I've been updating the insides of the cabinets a little bit. The bottoms now have Martha sticky back plastic. The rest of the shelves are covered in white oil cloth as seen in the top photo.

In this photo you can see the metal sticks I used instead of the tension rods. They came from lanterns which you can stick into the ground. We'd had the lanterns for years but never used the sticks so I cut them to the right length (a bit of trial and error I have to admit but once one was the correct length the rest were easy).


The cut part of the stick sits in the hole and the top slightly pointy bit which used to go into the ground is now wedged into the under side of the shelf above.

It works really well and no more piles of heavy dishes.