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Chez Larsson

Screw Organizing!


Did you think I'd gone mad? Ha! Still loving every minute of it!

Since we were on the subject of jars yesterday I'm showing you another way to re-purpose them today.


We are avid peanut butter eaters in this family, Wille has some for breakfast on his sandwich in the mornings, Martin eats some in his sleep at night (he's a regular sleep walker) and I grew up on the stuff in the 70's. Needless to say we have plenty of Skippy jars. Nowadays Skippy comes in glass jars but in the days when it came in plastic ones we saved them for use in the garage/workshop.


The lids are screwed into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top and then you simply fill your jars with whatever small you need storing and screw the jar onto the mounted lid. Out of the way and pretty organized. Gotta love that!