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Sliding Doors How-To


Thessa e-mail me and asked if I could show how we built the orange wardrobe and how the sliding door are hung. Sure, no problem!


The shelving system inside is simply one similar to the Elfa system. It's mounted to the back wall and the sliding doors are separate, they hang from the ceiling on a track that you buy at a specialty hardware store. We got ours from a local store called Theofils Beslag. Our wardrobe spans an entire wall so we measured the wall and asked the Theofils to cut the track to that lenght. We chose three doors for our 2.4 meter / 8 ft wall. Each door is 84 cm/33" wide so they overlap slightly when closed.


For each door you need to get 2 pcs of special hardware that is sunk and screwn into the back of the board you are using. We used 18mm /3/4" MDF for ours. The  hardware is really simple to install as long you have the right size drill bit. At the top of the hardware are the little wheels that roll on the track (not visible in this shot). 

010 ps 

This is what the track looks like from below. On the right track you can spot a metal thing infront of the oblong thing. That's a stoppers it prevents the door from opening itself up if you have a somewhat sloping ceiling as we do.

Hanging the doors is so easy once you have installed the track. The installation of the track is simply a matter of using the correct screws and plugs for your ceiling, your hardware store can help you there. When the track is up and the doors have the hardware on you just pop the wheels onto the tracks and let them hang down. MDF is pretty heavy in these sizes but if you use the right track for the weight of your boards you'll be fine. Along with the hardware came some little floor track bits, just little penny sized 15 mm /1/2" tall things that you can sink into your floor to prevent the doors from swaying in and out. We didn't want to drill into our floors so our doors just hang freely.

012 ps 

We added a piece of wood in front of the track so it's not visible from the front. The height of the track is 4.5 cm / 1 3/4" and the wood we used is 8 cm / 3 1/4" which also hides the hardware which would otherwise be seen from the front above the MDF. This piece of wood was screwn into the ceiling too. 

The wardrobe doors have been up a couple of years and we've had no problems whatsoever besides from the fact that I'm bored with the orange trellis pattern and will put wallpaper on them soon. If you on the other hand like the trellis pattern you can find a painting tutorial here.


  • Lisbeth says:

    I love that wall paper you’re dreaming of, Benita. Looking forward to see if you put it up 🙂

  • Fyraihuset says:

    Åh vilken fin tapet på dörrarna, en riktig färgklick man blir glad av. Jag uppskattar dina inlägg om skruvförvaring etc, tycker det är perfekta tips.

  • Thessa says:

    Thank you so much, Benita!
    With such detailed information I think I’ll have no problem to build a similar wardrobe, at least I’ve no doubts after reading your explanation a couple of times. If I ever build one I’ll send you some pics. The doors will probably be painted white or neutrals. Or wallpapered them if I find a soft pattern I like.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    I stumbled upon your blog. I love it! Thank you!

  • Lindzi says:

    Du är TOPPEN med allt du gör. Du ligger 10 år före mig som home owner. Tack för detta tips. Jag behöver göra något sådant nere i vår källare när de gamla garderoberna ska bort. KRAM!

  • katie says:

    benita: do you ever work w/ the kind of boards that are like press board w/ that laminate ironed on? i have been painting some furniture for my daughters (found on a driveway w/ ‘FREE’ sign!) made of this stuff. it has been interesting. i sanded it (tried to), primed it, then have been painting. to make sure the paint STAYS, i’m planning on putting a coat of polyurethane ..wondering if i need 2 coats. also never used it before..scared. brush or roll? or dab w/ cloth or sponge?? the girls wanted polka dots and stripes in the colors of their room! very cute. i wonder what your advice would be on making polka dots? we did it but it is NOT professional quality. the best way was w/ template paper. but the paint gets it so soaked, you have to make a new template for every row of dots. in the end, i used cotton balls but it’s messy…my daughters like it anyway. i’m not too proud of how it turned out but if we wanted to change it…just another coat of paint, i guess! and they love it so heck. =) have a great day! kt

  • I haven’t ever tried painting those kinds of boards but it sounds like you’re doing the right thing there.
    For the dots I think I’d have tried it the other way around; painting the color of the dots as a base color and then masking the dots off with dot stickers, painting over everything with the color you want around the dots and then peeling the stickers off. I guess the problem would be to find the stickers in large enough quantity for the design you’re after… If small dots is what you want you can use office dot stickers. I love them for all different kinds of projects 🙂
    You could also just paint the color you want as the base and use vinyl wall art stickers for the dots. I’m sure I’ve seen dot sets in several color combinations.
    Good Luck! 🙂

  • Church Doors says:

    Thanks a lot! I like the style of the sliding door.
    Regards- Church Doors

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