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Chez Larsson

Craft Corner Details


Today I thought I'd show you parts of my craft corner in more detail as I've had some questions on it. One question was how do I keep it so uncluttered?


Because the mess is in contained in a box! Large craft projects like carpentry is done in the garage and sewing in my sewing nook downstairs. Paper crafts, giftwrapping is done in this little craft corner and I toss all the unfinished little projects in this box. At the moment there are some Martha Stewart and Purl Bee craft instructions in there along with some small frames I've been meaning to fill with something, some lampshade ideas and materials, a fabric swatch, some etsy ideas etc etc. I put the lid on and the mess is hidden away until I get a chance to craft.


The metal box is one of many that I get from work. Samples from India arrive in them and they are thrown away because they are so covered in packing tape that no one (other than me) wants them.


I keep some of the not so pretty craft things in there, like the paper cutter, the Letratag label maker, screen printing ink, spray mount glue and empty bead containers.


Those little red , white and orange tips are…

005 (2) 

… the tops of my glues. I keep all the different glues in one basket and can easily find the right one for the particular craft I'm doing. The basket is above eye level so I don't see the bottles but I know they are there easily accessible.


When we built the craft unit we based it around the milky white Muji drawers but I also needed a spot for all the gift wrapping rolls so I added this vertical space simply by adding a front to the side of the unit so the rolls won't fall out. Other ways to store gift wrap can be found here if you don't have this kind of space. Another option is to use a cylinder waste paper basket and pop then in there.

I hope that answers some of your questions.