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Chez Larsson

T is for Soap and S is for Shampoo


Oh no! Paint is still not dry after my 6 am before work coat of paint and Wille's room is still a no-go-zone because there is a humongous desk sitting in the middle of the room waiting to be finished off. I'm so eager to put it in it's spot by the window and put all the computer stuff back on and have the sofa back to being a sofa. Wille has been sleeping on the sofa in the livingroom while I've been painting away in his room.

Meanwhile I'll answer a reader question regarding the shampoo and shower gel bottles that are not so attractive in one's bathroom. All three of us use the same stuff and because the less than pretty packaging (sorry Head and Shoulders and pharmacy brand no fragrance soap people) I decant our schampoo, conditioner and soap into Muji clear plastic pump bottles. Our bathroom is too ugly to show so in the photo you're seeing the bottles in the laundry room but their spot is really in a crome metal wire thing in the shower. 

The T and S (and B, not shown) really stand for tvål (soap), schampo (shampoo) and balsam (conditioner). The letters are scrapbooking stickers of the non paper variety and they sadly match the wall and floor tiles in the bathroom.

And as always Mini is on hand (paw?) to help out styling my photos. Thank you Mini!