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To Berlin and Back


So I've been to Berlin. I pre-published the two previous posts so you wouldn't miss me too much 🙂


Viktor & Rolf Display

I left early on Wednesday and returned late last night so it was really a quick trip to gather some Easter inspiration for next years Easter campaigns at work.


I have to say it's not my favorite city so far but I'm sure it's partly because the weather was pretty bad most of the time. In this shot the sun shines, and maybe that's one of the reasons I really liked Sophienstrasse.


Not so many shops that interest me in Berlin as I had hoped. Quite a lot of clothing, not so much interiors but an abundance of coffee shops, bakeries and bars. 


I covered quite a large portion of the the city in two days, visited Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte and Charlottenburg where I stayed.


The guy outside this shop had the unfortunate task of replacing the large sequins that passers-by had pryed off the night before.


I had to check out Checkpoint Charlie of course. This was one of the few places in town that was somewhat crowded. It was kind of weird being in such a big city and to see so few people out and about. Hey, 4 million people live there and I felt on my own on Kurfürstendamm. I guess Wednesdays and Thursdays are slow.


Trabant for sale. 3750 Euros and it can be yours! Or if you feel that's to pricey you can go on a Trabi safari for about 25.


I stayed at the Bleibtreu Hotel in Bleibtreu Strasse just off Kurfürstendamm. Nice hotel, friendly staff and some nice design features.


My travel souvenirs include cute sugar "cubes" and polka dot paper napkins. It's nice to be back home.

Thanks so much to those of you who gave me Berlin travel advice a while back, it was great and I visited quite a few of the places you mentioned. My advice for anyone going there would be to visit in the summer time. I think it would be very different from a couple of cold and rainy days in March.


Did you notice my new banner? I felt it was time for a change. Thanks Martin for helping me! Hope you guys like it.

Also you may have noticed that the comment section looks different. I saw the new Typepad Connect feature over at Ali's blog and liked it so here it is. You can communicate more directly with other commenters now by clicking on the reply link under each comment.

Happy weekend!!!


  • Franziska says:

    Hej, välkommen tillbaka!
    I like your new banner but I have to admit that I like the other one more… :/

  • shayna says:

    i bought those same sugar cubes when i was in france! they’re really sweet….

  • Lisbeth says:

    Too bad you didn’t like Berlin all that much; it’s one of my favourite European cities for its energy, alternative scene and funky language. But I’ll give you that it’s not big for inspirational shopping.

  • Lisbeth says:

    WOW – I like the graphic images our comments are now adorned with!

  • Lisbeth says:

    And just to test other features I now reply on my own exclamation…. 🙂

  • Katy says:

    Flowers, pastries, sugar, graffiti and sequins all in one trip – AWESOME! And the little car is so cute. When the two of us went to Venice a few years ago, daughter got mighty tired of me making her pose next to all the little tiny cars so I could show everyone how she was taller than the cars!
    In the second picture, what is up with the big black thing and banners? It looks like the stylist was going for an Easter/Halloween mash-up!
    Like the banner but I LOVED the old one with the pic of your house!

  • Jean says:

    Your photos make Berlin look quite appealing!

  • Cat says:

    We spent a long weekend in Berlin last year and were blessed with good weather. Had a fantastic time – although the shops weren’t wildly inspiring (sorry…). Would go back in a heartbeat. Was slightly disturbed by the tourist element of checkpoint charlie.
    Fab new banner. C x

  • Lisa says:

    Bring back the old banner and the GREEN wall instead of the blue one [please :)]. But that’s just my opinion. I still love your blog.

  • Anna says:

    Yes, you definitely need to come back in the summer! Berlin really is the greatest city, when everything is green and summery. This year spring has been really late and this last week was horrible for March weather. We’re all desparate for some sun, I guess that’s why you didn’t see too many people out. As for inspiring design and fabric shops, it’s hard to find them here because Berlin doesn’t have one central “downtown” area. They are all spread out and you need to know where they are. Did you get to visit the area around the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg/Neukölln?
    Anyways, I just found your blog a few days ago and I love it! Thanks for your inspiring posts!

  • Christina says:

    Yep, love the new banner!

  • darc says:

    I love the sugar cubes and your new banner!

  • Kreuzberg was the one other area I had planned to visit on Thursday but there just wasn’t enough time. Bummer!

  • French Knots says:

    Just discovered your splendid blog and have been reading through your archives, like coming across an inspiring lifestyle magazine.
    I like the florist in the first picture, you can never have too many fresh flowers!

  • As for interior shops at Berlin you did not have the right guide, I think! When I was there I went shopping with my friend Tonia, and we saw a great many of them! I was so sorry that I couldn’t take home a lot of things, since we were there by train.

  • Ksenia in Canada says:

    I adore your new banner Benita! It looks really fresh and crisp and “you”.

  • metscan says:

    I have this feeling that you are soon done with your house and starting to organize our comments too-with these graphic images. Nothing bad in that, it only makes me smile.

  • josefine says:

    hi benita,
    it’s not said that you won’t have rain in summer here.. 😉 but this year the spring seems so far away: no sun, nearly no flowers, kind of sad. come back in summer, the berlin is so green and fresh with all its trees, even without much sun, you have to try it one more time with this wonderful city!
    which part of friedrichshain did you visit?
    Hackescher Markt is too commercialised (my boyfriend just wrote his Diploma on this area and searched for the reasons of this gentrification process..)
    now i’m heading to the garlic restaurant my dad want’s to show us, hurra soul food

  • Alex says:

    Awww…we should’ve met up, I could’ve showed you around! Like Anna said, the shops are rather scattered and hard to find, but they’re there! I hope you can come again in summer, where Berlin is green and more friendly 😉

  • jja says:

    “t was kind of weird being in such a big city and to see so few people out and about.”
    Try friday evening or weekend ;-. I love Berlin and I had always a feeling it is so crowded.
    One can buy trabant for much less, but who would like too??? ;-))
    Nice hotel you chose, it is owned by our famour actor.
    “My advice for anyone going there would be to visit in the summer time. ”
    I agree. In summer, streets are full, boats are driving up and down and parks are full with picnic blakets.
    There are many shops you would love in Berlin, but not so easy to find…

  • Wow this is my first time here and I must say I love your blog love love love it! you are very creative I must say please feel free to stop by sometime!

  • Nagehan says:

    Hi Benita,
    Lovely and interesting photos!Especially that chair!
    I must say that I miss the old banner.It was very inviting.

  • I went to Boxhagener Strasse and the area around there. That’s where it rained the most… I have to say it’s one of the nicer areas I saw. I can imagine it being nice there in summertime.
    ~ Benita

  • Linda says:

    Yes, I do like your new banner. I think it looks great. Clean and fresh, and pretty.

  • says:

    I love the new format!

  • jenn says:

    Hey, I’ve never posted before, from Chicago, IL, US (not sure if that’s necessary, but just in case) i LOVE your blog, it’s among my favorites, and I list it on my own blog as one of my favorites. I just recently bought a house, and am redoing the basement- your clean, sparse and white vibe has truly inspired me. Okay, enough of that. I miss the old banner! Really, I do! So much, this is the first time I decided to post on your page! But, what is great is that your blog is so wonderful, so much, that I would have an opinion on your banner. So, you know what! This new banner is good, too! Keep up the great work, and keep posting, it’s inspiring for me, the new home owner!

  • josefine says:

    yes it is, I’m living 10min away from the Frankfurter Tor, where the Boxhagener Str. ends up, and it is so nice to meet your friends there in the summer time to have a yummy falafel and a beer or chill the Sunday morning away with a nice brunch.
    PS this week the weather is so super duper nice, sun an 15°C, yeah 🙂 and my boyfriend immediatly regonized where your picture from the Sofienstr was from!