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Chez Larsson

Guest Blogger: Mini


Meow, Mini here! I'm home!

Wow, that was scary. I don't know what happened, there was a big car that hit me in the face as I was playing outside on Monday. It hurt so I went home to tell Martin and Wille who took me to the hospital.

They were really nice at the hospital but I got a little bit annoyed with my doctor, Anna, yesterday morning so it was really nice to be able to go home.


Martin, Wille and Benita are now taking care of me at home. I call them Nurse B and Murses M and W. The doctor doesn't want me to chew with my jaw yet so they feed my through a tube every second hour. It's weird.

I have a bandage around my neck holding the tube in place. It's a pretty red color. I told them at the hospital that I didn't like the blue one I got first, I am a girl! They will need to change it twice a day. I can tell that the nurse and murses are a little freaked out about this part because I don't like to lay on the side and being poked so if they don't do it quickly I will try to escape. Thinking about it at least. Maybe. I overheard them saying they would do it in Willes room where there's no where to escape to, but I found this spot in the corner under his bed, behind the bed skirt. That's an option. I am smart, I know!


The kitchen looks a little bit like one of the rooms in the hospital now. Check out all the stuff! Nurse B organized it a bit. So like her. Don't worry, I'm used to it. She can't help herself. She even ditched her no magnets policy on the refrigerator door! Wow!


I'm a little sleepy now and need to take a nap. Thanks for being such nice humans, Nurse B told me you keep asking about me. My brother Bonus is sweet too. He said meow last night.


~ Mini