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After reading this fun post over at Young House Love the other day I thought it would be fun to show you some photos I took about a year ago when our house was used as location for a commercial.


Wille occasionally models and through his agency we got in touch with a production company who were looking for a place to shoot a commercial for a medical company.


They came over and checked our house out and thought it would work and  a few weeks later we were invaded by a crew of ten + actors and extras.


They brought some stuff with them for inside and out.


The whole house was used including the street outside. They rigged these tracks along the floors just like you see at movie sets.


This little thingy is what the camera guy sits on while the guy with the strong arm muscles pulls and pushes. He looked like a dancer doing his thing. 


Lots of discussions about angles, light etc. The balcony outside the living room was full of gear to block some light and to diffuse some.


This is fake family Larsson. Mom, dad and two kids being primped by the make up person.


You've seen what our living room usually looks like, pretty tidy. So not this day. Stuff everywhere.


And in Wille's room too. In the midst of all this stuff the actors, extras and the kid's parents were crammed trying to keep quiet as one of the actors was delivering her lines outside.


The boat room was the setting for the bedroom and they switched the direction of the bed. They even built the track for the camera guy next to the bed and this is a really small space. I though they would bring a lot of props and want to change a lot but they didn't add a thing, they used our house as it was basically which was kind of cool.


Here they are shooting into the kitchen while the actor dad was having a glass of orange juice. Let me put it this way. They didn't choose the biggest house for their location…


Just as Sherry was telling in her post, our day continued into the evening and while it was dark outside it was morning in the bedroom inside lit by these huge lamps. The day this was shot was not the warmest day and I felt so bad for the guys doing all the rigging outside.

It was a really fun day and the crew was super professional and super nice. They kept checking with me if they could do this or that and they didn't leave a single mark around the hose. After they left it was like the whole thing never happened. Poof!


Later today Wille will draw the winner of Aby's give away, stay tuned! You can still enter for a few more hours if you haven't already. EDIT: Comments are now closed on the give away post