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Chez Larsson

More Kitchen Drawers


I promised you more kitchen drawers so here you have them. I have posted about them before but I rearranged them as I was putting down the new adhesive covering. For those of you who are bored already, please come back tomorrow where the blog will be drawer-less .

Above is my famous candle drawer, still going strong. At the back are party poppers, birthday candles and sparklers. You never know when you will be needing a sparkler or two.


Miscellaneous utensils; Ice cream scoops, honey dipper, bench scraper, measuring cups, barbecueue sqewers (I use them for stirring paint using a few which will act as a disposable whisk or wrap a piece of paper around the tip as a pointy q-tip to clean and many more uses. Occasionally we do sqewer food on to them too), olive pitter, pizza cutter etc. At the back is a Drosselmeyer nutcracker, medicine cups, a wide but small funnel and cat food tin tops.


Doilies, trivets, zip-locs, sandwich bags, steamer, toaster attachment, another funnel and in a small metal container, apple slicer, pastry cutter and egg cutter. I keep them contained so they don't slide all over the place and get tangled with the rest of the stuff.


Bottom drawer: Measuring cups, grater, rolling pin, thermos mug and strainer. In a separate metal container are the parts for the mandolin, again so they don't rattle around so much when the drawer is slid in and out.

I like this drawer much more now that I put some of the things that used to be there in the drawer above it. It used to be a mess but now we can get to everything more easily. It's all part of my constant editing process, looking sternly in each drawer and cabinet and determine if anything is not used or can be stored better elsewhere. Can you see me standing there looking sternly at my utensils? 🙂