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Shelf Covering How-To


The other day I was thinking I ought to do a post on how to cover shelves as I keep getting questions on it. Then I got another one last night so I might as well do it straight away, Robin, you're in luck!


A few months ago I decided to change all the shelf coverings in the kitchen. I bought some adhesive shelf covering for the bottom shelves in all the cabinets and decided on white oil cloth for the rest.

The adhesive one is super simple to lay, just measure the width and depth of your cabinet and cut the covering accordingly. Peel one end off the backing and lay the covering straight on the shelf in the cabinet. Pull the backing off at the same time as you use your other hand to smooth the covering down onto the shelf. Easy!

013 (2) 

For the other shelves where I use the oil cloth I also measure the width and depth of the cabinet but for the depth I add for the thickness of the shelf and about 10 cm / 4 inches which will end up underneath. My cabinets and shelves are painted white so there's no need to cover the whole underside. I use a staple gun to staple the oil cloth to the top of the shelf. Three staples are enough for one shelf, you just don't want it to slide around.


For the underside I also staple but at more regular intervals, about 10 cm / 4 inches apart. The reason for using many more staples here is that otherwise the oil cloth will start to droop.


For akward spaces like this one I use the old shelf covering as a template, so I carefully removed this one instead of ripping it out like I did with the rest…


…turned it up side down on the shelf covering and marked around it and cut out the new which was then easy to lay.


Here's the finished result of that, adhesive covering at the bottom and oil cloth on the narrow top shelf.


Mini and Bonus update:

Mini had her check up at the vet clinic yesterday. I thought they would be able to tell us more about how her jaw is healing but we will need to wait until her second check up and x-ray on the 29th for that. Until then she will still be tube fed. She's much more alert now though and moves about much more than just a couple of days ago. She looks a bit like a cool punk rocker in her half shaved do 🙂

I'm so happy to report that the pheromone treatment worked for Bonus! I wrote a bit about it in a comment on the day before yesterday's post. I'm still a bit upset that we can't all be together in the same room but I'm so pleased that Bonus is now happy in the boat room!


If you haven't already, there's still time to enter the Paper Clutter Workshop spot give away. Wille will draw a winner tomorrow! EDIT: Comments are now closed on the give away post