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Using Every Available Space

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In a small kitchen like ours we try to use all the available space. This includes the insides of the cabinet doors.

Here's the notice board inside of the pantry door.


Cooling racks are hung on L-hooks inside one of the bottom cabinet doors. Adhesive rubber furniture pads are stuck underneath so they don't rattle too much. The gentle rattle is in fact Mini's and Bonus' dinner bell. Their food bowls are in this cabinet (you can see them on the middle shelf) so that sound means din-din for the four-leggers in our family.


Martin made this milky white plastic holder based on this one which is too deep and wide. It holds the slim food scales I got for my birthday and also a mini cutting board. I got the cutting board because it was so small and cute (and from Martha) but I still haven't found a use for it… ( as you can see I do buy unnecessary stuff…) Oh, but come to think of it, I could use it when hammering in grommets into fabrics! I keep ruining our wooden boards doing that… Great idea!


You've seen these before, our composting and trash bins. They belong in this context though so here they are again.


The broom cabinet features two of these plastic bag holders. One for large bags and one for small. Before attaching anything to a door make sure it doesn't hit any shelves inside the cabinet when closing the door. I've learned this by trial and error…

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Above the plastic bag holders is a row of hooks which holds a small canvas bag with kitchen string inside, scissors to cut said string and a kitty grooming brush. EDIT: The string bag idea is not mine originally, I think I picked it up in a Martha Stewart LIving mag in the early days. Love it though and have use the bag ever since!

Are you bored with my kitchen by now?