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Chez Larsson

Book Update


Some of you know that I tried to pitch a book last fall to a British publisher by sending them a book proposal. Nothing came of that but I've got some exciting news for you!

No, I don't have a book deal (yet) but say you were interested in publishing my book and e-mailed me to tell me so. I would now reply to you; "Please get in touch with my literary agent in New york." Yes, it's true, I have an agent! How cool is that?

When I did my research on how to write a book proposal I did realise that most US publishing houses don't accept book proposals from authors without agents so I had to rule most of the publisher's out. Getting an agent wasn't in my mind set at the time.

Then a while ago I got this great e-mail from Frank Weimann of The Literary Group in New York. He found me via Apartment Therapy (Thanks once again AT, you guys have been good to me!) and wrote that he wants to represent me! Again, how cool is that?

So, I reworked my book proposal so it's now "new and improved". I got a lot of great feed back from the publisher I was in contact with before, all of which I took to heart (thank you Alison!) and Frank Weimann now has the new proposal which he will look at to make it presentable to the publishers out there. I'm sure there are plenty of changes that need doing and maybe even a different angle altogether on the book I'm proposing. I'm excited to hear what kind of ideas and suggestions he and his team come up with.

Happy Monday!