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Chez Larsson

Left Over Wall Paper Project #1


When I bought the wall paper for the sliding closet doors I had to get two rolls but there was quite a large piece left over after I was done. I've been wanting to make something or otherwise use it.

Two projects so far. One super simple (and in no way original) and one more fiddely one. I'll show you the super simple one first to get you going. I'm sure you need a new pencil holder and have a tiny wall paper scrap laying about?!

My starting point IS better than ever and it would go nicely "as is" Warhol style but it just doesn't go with my décor so…


… I stripped it. The little bit of glue residue where the label overlaps doesn't matter because it will be covered with the paper.


Simply measure in between the top and bottom rims…


.. cut a rectangle out which is the circumference of the can and adding a little bit to overlap. The easiest way to measure is to lay the can over the paper and just roll them together and mark where to cut. Another way to measure a round object  if you only have a straight ruler is to hold a string around the object and then measure the string.


Once the rectangle is cut out cover it with glue stick. Use the seam of the can to get it straight and then it's simply a matter of rolling the can onto the paper. So easy!


Today's Swedish words:

pencil = blyertspenna

wall paper = tapet

can = konservburk

and an extra one:

tomato soup = tomatsoppa 🙂