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Chez Larsson

Left Over Wall Paper Project #2


Here's project #2 which involves a wall paper scrap. Very matchy-matchy, I know.

019     020

My parents worked partly at home with their own business in the 60's and 70's and I salvaged some of their index card boxes when they closed up shop. I use a couple for photos and this green one has kept all our passports, vaccination cards and travel insurance cards in on place for years. It's been hiding towards the back because very attractive.


Perfect candidate for a new outfit!  I cut a rectangle which I roughly measured to be long enough to cover the box on all side. Then I placed the box in the center towards the front and cut notches on a diagonal towards the front corners.


I used glue stick throughtout the project and glued one side at a time. Here the bottom front is getting it's coating.


These cute mini clothes pegs helped enormously to keep the folded in bits in place until they were dry.


Once the whole bottom front, bottom, back, top and top front were covered it was a matter of figuring out how to cut the rest. Depending on what kind of a box you have it will probably be different from mine so I can only tell you to wing it. It's no big deal if you make a mistake, it's only a box and some left over wall paper remember?!


My box looked like this with some notches and cuts, again with clothes pegs to hold everythig in place while I figured out the next step…


… which was the bottom sides. I folded those in, trimmed so there was just a little edge to be folded over and pegged the open part. For the bottom corners I later simply trimmed the paper along the edge and lastly folded the bottom part under.

After the bottom side flaps I did the same on the top and again you need to eye ball it and cut and trim. 


Here's the finished product before it was filled with it's contents again. It can now take pride of plave towards the front of my home office. 

And for those of you who are wondering, no I'm not a leftie, I just need to use my right hand for the camera 🙂

Today's Swedish words:  

insurance = försäkring

glue stick = limstift

clothes peg = klädnypa