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Chez Larsson

My Stash


We're back in the kitchen…

Wonder what's lurking behind those two (kind of hard to reach) doors above the entry to the dining area?

053 (2) 

It's my beloved stash of everything while, clear, plasticky, useful and formerly meant for take-out, ice cream and candy. All free! Well I do pay for the ice cream itself…

I love the little divided containers to the left. When we had the film crew over last year they got Chinese food for everyone at lunch and afterward I saved the containers from going in the trash. At the moment we use some of them to corral Mini's hospital stuff in the kitchen.


The blue crates used to hold some fruit or other when it was transported to the grocery store. Again free for the taking! Now one crate holds my plastic squeeze bottles (which I bulk buy when in the US), pic-nic cutlery and lids for the aforementioned containers.


The other one holds more pic-nic paraphernalia and some water bottles.

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A separate candy container gathers a jumble of plastic wine glasses for those swankier pic-nics.

All this fits nicely behind those little doors. The space extends inside to the right behind the metal IKEA boxes so there's plenty of space up there. To get to it I have to get on a stool but with everything nicely contained it's still easy to keep organized even though it is an awkward space.

Free (well most of it..) AND organized how good is that?