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Chez Larsson

My Summer To-Do List


I'm starting to get into "soon vacation" mode. As of next Friday I'll have four weeks off! Martin and Wille will be going back to Greece for ten days on the 23rd to go island hopping. Those two really need their yearly under water fix. I on the other hand will do a multitude of things.

I've started to compile my to-do list and if you check back later on in summer hopefully a lot will be accomplished. I'll be crossing stuff out as I go along and hopefully I can rope Martin in to do some of it too.


Here goes:

  • Finish boat room desk

  • Hang pictures in boat room

  • Paint in between kitchen window panes

  • Paint kitchen window frame on outside

  • Paint craft area window frame on outside

  • Paint patio door on outside

  • Paint boat room window frame on inside and outside and inbetween

  • Paint kitchen cabinet doors on inside and outside

  • Paint rest of woodwork in kitchen

  • Make yearly twig carpet in front of composting bins

  • Empty warm composting bin

  • Organize 2008 photos on computer

  • Work on book

  • Build new stool or add height to existing one

  • Make citrus marmalade

  • Wallpaper Willes drawer

  • Make notice board for Willes room

  • Paint doors from garage to house and storage room


There are also the left overs from my list back in August and hopefully some of these will get done too. Some of them are quite big jobs which is why I haven't gotten to them yet, I guess. They require either money, time and/or materials. At the moment I'm short on all…

  • Repaint (or tile!) downstairs bathroom ceiling

  • Finish the kitty flap surround on outside of back door

  • Dig for better drainage away from gutter at back of house

  • Lay underfloor heating in upstairs bathroom

  • Lay new tile floor in upstairs bathroom

  • Add new wooden trim in upstairs bathroom

  • Repaint inside of garage doors and trim + inside of windows

  • Gravel in front of garage

  • Repaint dining room table

  • Add new top to shoe cubbies and repaint unit

  • Repaint south and west facing sides of house

Lots of painting as you can see… The trouble with that is that painting is never just painting. If it were I'd be done already! It's all the prep work that needs to be done first and which is so time consuming and messy.

Also with Mini and Bonus around precautions need to be made so they won't step into the paint. My biggest worry is how do the kitchen wood work, there's no door to the kitchen… Bonus already has white paws and some other white features but do you think Mini will look good in white?