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Chez Larsson

New Home Details


As I was taking photos of some new home details around our house I realised they all had dark yellow / orange in common. Isn't it weird how a color can sneak up on you like that? Orange was one of the colors I liked the least as I was growing up. Might have something to do with the orange/dark green/brown teenage room I once called mine (think I told you about that decor faux pas before…)

Since a few years though it's a fave. It started with Martin bringing home the orange stools in the bottom photo and it continued when I painted the closet doors and it hasn't stopped. The other day I got the cutest gift from reader Valeria, check out the orange cat frame! Remind you of something?


I found this frame in a dumpster at work about a year ago. It came in pieces with the frame taped to the backing and the mirror sadly dangeling in between. Today it's mended and it's in the bedroom after a bit of pondering of where to hang it. I love it there, because it's right over the socket I use when blow drying my hair in the morning. 


When Martin's mom and sisters with their families came over on Sunday they not only brought the gorgeous bouquet in the top photo but also a stack of National Geographic magazines for Wille. Can't help but loving those spines!

Have a good Tuesday!