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Chez Larsson

Twig Carpet How-To


So here they are the twigs to become a carpet. I prune our two apple trees every year around February / March  and because we have limited possibilites (no car) to get rid of the twigs we started making carpets to put in front of the composts years ago. It's great because we get rid of the twigs and we get a clean, non-muddy area in front of the composts all in one go.


This year we intended to make them for weeks but it rained, rained and rained. Then one day a week ago while I was at work, Martin and Wille were finally able to get started. They measured the length of the three composting bins and laid some of the twigs out to that length.


They then added the rest of the twigs evenly and trimmed the ones that were too long. Using the deck planks as a guide makes it easy to keep the carpet the same width…


… and started bunching them up together, using a string and making knots at every ten twigs or so all along the length of the carpet.


Three rows of string keep the carpet together so it can be lifted…


… and carried into it's spot…



… in front of the composting bins.


Here's the before, by the way. Last year's twigs are all brittle and chopped up and make a good foundation for the new carpet.

This morning at 4.15 I said good bye to Martin and Wille who are off to Greece. They are starting out in Athens and will be making their way over to the island of Milos and on from there. They will be gone for ten days and I'm hoping to get a bunch of projects done while they are away. Things are a bit easier when there are only eight paws in the way instead of eight paws and four feet…