Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

Jay or Nay?


Ok, here it is. The new cushion for the hallway bench.


The cushion has been the same green polka dot for years ever since we built the bench (using the old laundry room door for the frame) and besides from having gotten quite bleached it was time for a change. Just because.


I've always loved Lena Proudlock and her use of denim (white and blue) as upholstery fabric and I've been wanting to use some blue somewhere to get to see how it wears. I'm hoping it will look like a fave pair of jeans after a while. 


I used the old cover as a pattern but the odd thing is that that one was a complete mistake to begin with. I made it way to big, made a huge measuring mistake which led to the flanges which I ended up loving.


So what's the verdict? Jay or Nay?