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Chez Larsson

Organizing my Gift Bag Stash

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I have a thing for gift bags but you can only use so many so I've given away a great deal and only kept the one's I know I'll use. The more elaborate and bigger one's are kept in one of the Kassett boxes on top of my craft corner unit but the smaller ones are stored in one of the Muji drawers. That drawer was a mess, bags kept getting caught and creased when sliding the drawers in and out.


Enter my bulldog clips. I had already started using them on some like bags but now I went all out and bunched almost all the bags with the clips. It's really convenient, rubber bands (which is what I used before on some stacks) deteriorate and snap and slippery bags like cellophane tend to slide out but the clips stay put. Just unclip to get a certain size bag out.


I love how neat and accessible my little bags stash is now.

By the way, these are available online now. They may have been there all along but they are listed in the bath & bodycare section which may have confused some of you (and me).


I recently discovered BHG Do it Yourself Magazine which isn't available over here and am now trying to get hold of back issues (2008 and 2009).  I got the spring 2009 issue on Ebay but have had no luck with the rest so if any of you have the other issues and don't need them any longer I'd love to buy them (and pay for postage of course). Please send me an e-mail!