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Chez Larsson

Wall Paper Project #4


Ok, I can't stop. I have these wall paper scraps laying about and they are beckoning me to use them.

I'm one of those people who tire easily of my finished craft projects. I enjoy them for a little while but am always happy to move on and redo them just for the fun of it.

pimped my Fira chest of drawers back in October but decided to try wallpaper for a change.


It's so super simple. Lay the drawer on the back of the rolled out piece of wall paper and use the drawer as a template.


I cut a piece out roughly first , spray glued the back of it, placed the drawer on it and then neatened it by cutting along the edge of the drawer.


After turning the drawer over I cut the notch out with the knife from the front. Reapeat for all drawers.


Easy peasy.