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Chez Larsson

Brainstorm #3

Barnsäng crib

Time for another Brainstorm. This time it's Lindzi's. Her son Elmer is now a big boy and has gotten his Big Boy Bed. Yay!


But what to do with the bottom of the bed? Seemed to good to toss while all the rest of it was ready for the trash. Here are our two (well actually more like seven) cents. 


How about a kid's art wall, mounting it on a wall and using the biggest baddest bulldog clips to attach the art to the strips of wood? 


With a bit of additional diy to the sides and top it could be turned into a radiator cover.


Mounted with hinges at the bottom and a simple pulley system at the top it could serve as a drying rack in the laundry room.


Martin's skeptical to this one but I claim you could stretch and staple a (vintage?) fabric onto it to get an instant piece of art.  


It could serve as a batterie de cuisine over a kitchen island with pots and pans hanging down form s-hooks.


This one's my favorite. Add a thin board on top and little wheels at the bottom and use it as an under bed play board thingy. A neat and organized way to be able to build something up, play with it and shove it in under the bed until the next day. No more stepping on pointy trees and train sets (or Lego's… ouch!) in the middle of the night.

Another idea is to use it as a temporary indoor gate to prevent visiting curious toddlers or doggies to go into certain rooms or areas in the house. When not in use it could be stored in a closet behind the hanging clothes or in a storage area.

So what do you guys think? Will these work or do you have other ideas for Lindzi to try?
Do you have an object you would like for us (that's Martin, Wille and I) to find alternate uses for send me an e-mail  with Brainstorm as the subject!