Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



Ok, back to the coffee table. Thanks all so much for the awsome comments! Wille and Martin have been beaming with pride since last week.


In the coffee table there's a divider with a spot for magazines and above a shelf for all those nasty remotes and other clutter that always seems to accumulate in front of the TV.

I used a bread basket to corral them just to get them out of sight just after the coffee table was ready but this weekend I updated an old wooden jewelry tray (receycled from a broken one that got tossed at work) by mending it with wood glue and spray painting it white.



To cushion the contents I fit the tray with a liner so the stuff won't rattle around so much. For the liner I used a scrap sheet of rubber and a scrap piece of fabric and used a (book binder's ?) tape to stick it all together.


This elephant fabric by Estrid Ericson of Svenskt Tenn is a firm favorite of mine and I had a scrap piece which was just big enough. So now little Dumbo's are peeking out everytime we get a remote out or chuck something in there. I like!