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Another idea I got this weekend from the BHG DIY mag was to make a lamp. They showed some cool ideas on recycling random stuff (zip ties on a grill grate above for example) and make it into a lamp. At the back of my mind I had these plastic strips that Martin brought home from work a long time ago.


The plastic strips are of this cool material which is used to line those tubes where you can get sunlight in the basement kind of things. It's cool looking, very reflective and supposedly super expensive and although I'm the tosser in this family even I have hung onto them these past five years or so after Martin brought them home after they had been discarded. In addition to the strips I used a light fixture which I found in the electrics dumpster in the basement at work (I know! It's a gold mine down there!).



I temporarily removed the top bits of the light fixture and simply punched holes (had to make three overlapping holes to accommodate the diameter of the cable because my heavy duty punch couldn't make any bigger holes) at both ends of the strips for the cable of the light fixture to run through and hung the ends over the cable creating oval shapes. 


 After adding the strips one after the other on top of each other I secured them with a metal washer where the hole in the same size as the cable .


These projects are about trial and error. I never expect it to go well straight away and in this case after I assembled the whole thing and hung it I realized I should have used all the strips instead of leaving four out so I disassembled and tried again.


 Better! The four added strips cover the light bulb better and the whole thing feels much more complete.






I hope you can see this post alright. I had a really hard time posting, my photos went missing, the site shut down on me numerous times and I had problems saving. Typepad seems to be having the flu…