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Troubleshooting for Juliette

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   Juliett before

A little while ago I got an e-mail from Juliette, an American who is fixing up her apartment in Germany. She wrote asking if I had any ideas for covering a skylight in her office/guest bedroom. Well as a matter of fact I do so I set Martin to work on some drawings to explain a few options Juliette could try.


This is the skylight window in question. It sits on a sloped ceiling and as you can see in the before Juliette currently has drapes that keep falling forward.

To illustrate our four options the drawings show the window treatments in sheer versions for the most part. This doesn't mean we're telling Juliette to use British net curtains but rather to show the construction of the window treatments themselves. I'm leaving the choice of fabric to Juliette. Aren't I generous?!


Option #1 is a simple panel of fabric that hangs from a pole at the top and via a pole further down and beyond. At the end of the panel there's a channel with drapery weight tape inside. I love those weights. I had some at the bottom of my shower curtain to weigh it down so it would stay put.

This option probably requires Juliette to choose between a sheer fabric for shading the room from the sun or a darker fabric to darken the room at night.


Option #2 is also a panel, but this one is just slightly larger than the window. The panel has six grommets, two at the top, two halfway down the middle and two at the bottom. The panel is stretched over the hooks at the top and depending of if the room needs to be darkened or if daylight is required the grommet-ed end is hooked on to the bottom hooks or top hooks. The hooks down the middle keep the half folded up curtain from swinging forward.



Option #3 is again a panel of fabric with channel at top and bottom but using curtain wire which is good if Juliette wants her window treatment fairly flush with the wall so very little light comes through at the sides. Two lengths of the wire with hooks on either end are stretched onto the eye hooks which are screwed into the wall (or wood surround). At night the panel is spread out over the skylight and during the day it's shoved over to one side.


Option #4 is a simple regular roller blind with the addition of a slightly longer pole than normal at the bottom and two sets of hooks which the blind can hook onto, either at the bottom at night or at a chosen height for daytime use.

So these are our four options. Do you guys have any others? Maybe links to sites with more skylight window treatment solutions? Do tell!