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Chez Larsson

Art Wall Update

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This week end I added to our existing little art wall. I couldn't look at all this all the time but I have it in a great spot. It's behind my back at dinner and around the corner when I'm in my arm chair. I just get little doses of it as I pass. Perfect.


One addition is the teeeeeeny little cat pillow. It's only about an inch tall (2.5 cm). Can you imaginge someone sewed and stuffed that little thing? I have no idea where we got it but I just had to display it. It sits next to Wille's Smelly Cat, under the butterflies I got from Lindzi and above a Lab Partners print. 


Another addition is a mini Mini which is now parked inside a little square deep frame. I also added the Wren and Chickadee photo which I had stashed away for a while. The other art is by Matte Stephens and Abbey Hendrickson. Oh, and I found the green bird print in a flea market. Why the Statue? She's covering up a hole I made in the wrong place. Thank you Liberty!