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Chez Larsson

Kitty Bean Bag #2

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Because I had so many beans left over after making the outdoor cushion for the little cabin I started looking for other places where a bean bag might come in handy.

Mini has a few favorite spots around the house. One is on the windowsill in the bedroom. She got used to staying in the bedroom at night after she had had her accident. I kept her in there so I could check on her if needed. Ever since there has been a blanket on the sill and I've been folding and refolding it. Until now.

Enter the polka dot bean bag.


To make it I made an inner bag where the beans are and a separate removable cover. I went for a rectangle with rounded corners for this one. To make even rounded corners I used a plate to draw around.


After cutting the two pieces out I sewed them together on the machine leaving one of the short ends open. Turned the now bag right side out and filled it a little less than half way with the beans, pinned and stitched the opening shut.

Then I continued to make an exact copy in the orange fabric with the exception of adding velcro to that opening so the cover would be removable. 


I'm happy to report that Mini loves it.