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Phoebe’s Bathroom

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My vbff, virtual bff, Carol's teenage daughter Phoebe is a lucky girl. Not only has she got her own bathroom, which is almost unheard of over here, but she's getting it overhauled this fall. I can sort of understand Carol's urge to get it done. When on earth was that baby pooh shade on a bathroom suite ever in fashion? Martin took one look at it and said "bachelor camouflage. No scrubbing needed." Eeeewwwh!


Carol already changed the sink from a swirly marble laminate to this beautiful white corian. Major envy on my part on this one! Can you see how well it goes with the toilet? AND the soft and cushy mustard of the shag carpet? Yikes! Again, what were they thinking when that was laid that down by previous owners?


Carol already had some great ideas for the bathroom but wanted a second opinion. Here's what she wrote. 

I keep thinking an accent wall (wallpapered) with a color, would look nice in her bath, but then I think that we will need to install a fan so the paper doesn't peel. I need to choose a tub and tile, and flooring. I would love for Phoebe to have shelf or hotel style rack above her toilet. We are trying to decide if we should keep her existing cabinet style or put new cabinet doors on everything. I would love for her to have a built in laundry basket but I am not sure where it should go.

She needs areas for haircare stuff- bands, flat iron, styling products, and for makeup.  I think Phoebe needs something (a caddy, or built in wall cubby ?) for her tub/shower. She usually has bottles by her tub.

Phoebe's favorite color is green. She has simple, clean, modern taste with a more traditional slant than Carol's. Not Girly or frilly. She is not a ruffles type gal.

So here's what I suggest. I agree that an accent wall would be nice but if that's not an option how about painting the walls and getting the pattern in there in the shape of a shower curtain and maybe a wall decal? I'm normally not big on decals but I'm liking the idea of one in this bathroom.

For the floors and behind the new white tub that Carol's having installed (together with a shiny white new loo!) I would go for plain white tiles. They would allow for Phoebe's still emerging taste to evolve and any colors that she may love more later on can easily be added or switched to. I would splurge and add under floor heating… Mmmm.

As far as storage goes I have to say what's already there is not bad at all. There's plenty of potential. I would change the doors and drawer fronts under the sink to plain white and add clean lined hardware. I would remove the tall cabinet doors and hardware completely, remove any shelves in the bottom one, paint the inside in a color and store towels etc at the top and place a laundry basket in the lower portion.

More detail and ideas below.

Carol & Phoebe 3 

  1. The color scheme I've gone for incorporates Phoebes fave, green. I added aqua and plenty of white for a fresh, clean look. The aqua would go on the walls and the green on the inside of the tall cabinet where the doors where removed.
  2. I like the idea of glossy cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Ikea has some which if they don't fit could be copied and they also carry these sleek handles.
  3. You can't go wrong with white fluffy towels for a clean look.
  4. Hotel towel rack above toilet. Check!
  5. Since there will be some reconstruction of the wall behind the tub anyway, I would go for a built in niche for bottles instead of a free hanging thing. This custom built one is really nice but so are these ready to install ones.
  6. Bathroom lighting is really tricky I think. I do really like this fixture and this and this. This one's really nice too…
  7. I like the idea of breaking up the squareness of the sink and vanity with something round like this mirror. Another option would be this one which we have in our own bathroom. I once had one of these too which was great.
  8. It's kind of difficult to find nice shower curtains but they are so easy to sew so with this in mind the options are endless. Just add grommets to the top  of a lenght of fabric and line it with a white or clear synthetic liner. I like this fabric in here. Here, here and here are other nice options.
  9. The white looooooooo!
  10. Carol and I are both packing strap storage fans and I found this laundry basket which would look really neat inside of the bottom of the tall cabinet (lined in green, remember?).
  11. Shag carpet removed, white tile with under floor heating installed and all you need now is a little bath mat which can be tossed into the laundry machine when needed.
  12. For the hair accessories, make up and other supplies I'd add these dividers to the drawers. I'd keep the flat irons and the styling products in one of the drawers or in basket in the smaller cabinet below the sink.
  13. These would look nice on the sink. And be practical too.
  14. I like this wall decal in green for the window wall. Imagine it next to the window and with some of the blown away seeds…
  15. … on the window itself. Instead of the existing shutters, which I'd remove completely, I'd add frosted film to the glass for privacy. After that's been installed the flyaway seeds are added on top. Here and here and here are some other nice decals. Ferm have some cool ones too, like the ligh buld one's above.
  16. These are some of my favorite containers. I would add some next to the towels in the tall cabinet for extra knick-knack storage.

There you have it. I'm a bit worried that this look will be too subdued for Carol as her tastes are much more eclectic than mine but hopefully Phoebe will like?! Do you have any great bathroom ideas or links you want to share? We are all ears (and eyes)!


  • ibb says:

    I think you are quite right with the elections. I have my bathroom in green and I think I have nearly the half of things you say.

  • I thinks it’s lovely – very fresh. Particularly fond of the dandelion wall decal.

  • ZoeB says:

    After spending far too much time perusing american interior blogs I’m quite interested to know why so many have shower curtains. It is more common in the UK to have a glass screen. Is it so that they can introduce a soft furnishing type feel to the room or do they just like having to wrestle with a ‘cling on’ curtain whilst showering? What about a back to the wall or wall hung toilet which as far as i can tell look much easier to clean around and has less pipe visible? ZoeB

  • Tess says:

    I agree shower curtains are horrible, clingy, mouldy etc. I like the shutters too! If she doesn’t like everything to be so crisp and stark go for an olive green and teal, which is softer than aqua and bright green.

  • carol k says:

    Benita- You are Brilliant. You have no idea how many problems you solved with your design. We ALL love it!
    I’m like a puppy over here- hopping from website to website looking at all the choices. Removing the cabinet doors is genius because currently Phoebe cannot have her bathroom door and the cabinet door open at the same time. They hit each other. The decals are gorgeous. Phoebe and I both love the the Michael Miller fabric you found for the shower curtain.The shower curtain is the best choice because she can change it when her taste changes. I love that you recommend removing the shutters. They are peeling from the heat and steam from the shower. I also love the light fixture choice and the mirror!
    Not only are you my VBFF, you are are my VBFFG- Virtual best friend forever Guru! I love Martin’s “bachelor” comment,too.
    Hubbie did not laugh when I read it to him because he thought Martin was right and was being very practical.

  • Tess says:

    I love that you recommend removing the shutters. They are peeling from the heat and steam from the shower.
    In that case it sounds like a great idea! What about the wall decal, and frosted sticker for the window – will the heat and steam affect those? Anybody know?

  • Vicki K says:

    Love, love, love the colors and the hotel shelf! I like the favorite-green fabric softened with the blue. And of course, white makes everything fresh looking. Maybe she could fashion one of the discarded shutters into an earring holder.
    I’m not sure about other Americans but I, for one, do not like to clean shower doors! The shower curtain and liner can just be whipped into the washer and dryer. Also, they usually add a lot of color and style to the room. The shower liners I find tend to be stiff enough or weighted at the bottom so they don’t stick to the showerer. Even so, now they have those bowed shower rods that give you even more elbow room inside the shower area.
    Does that help?

  • Cassie says:

    Great ideas you’ve got here! I really love the shower curtain design! I also agree that white fluffy towels make any bathroom look nice and clean!

  • Annapolitan says:

    Oh wow, brilliant design, Benita! I’d love to see it when it’s finished, Carol (hint, hint).
    And I literally did a double take and checked my blog reader twice to make sure that even though I had clicked “Chez Larsson”, I hadn’t gotten “Young House Love” instead. But this is my favorite kind of feature, mood board and all, so I definitely can’t have too much of it! Mo’ better, mo’ better!

  • Maggie says:

    Such great ideas. I love that green fabric for the shower curtain, we need some colour/interest in our tiny bathroom. I would just advise that if there isn’t great venitlation in the bathroom those metal containers from Ikea will go rusty. We have them in our bathroom but we need to install a fan.