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Chez Larsson

Bedside Table How-To


As promised here are the instructions on how to build the bedside table in last Friday's post.



Tools that come in handy are: a set square, a carpenter's rule or other measuring device, a saw (hand or power), wood glue, a hammer, a center punch, nails, angle irons, screws and a screwdriver. Not pictured is an awl which is also a good tool to have in your tool kit and useful for this project. Also not pictured are a power sander or sandpaper and elbow grease.


I'm not putting any measurements down as the idea here is to make one that fits your space. 
We used MDF and the pieces cut and pre-sanded were:

  • Two same sized side pieces.
  • Two same sized pieces for top and bottom.
  • One smaller piece which is about 2.5 cm (1 inch) smaller depth-wise and 2 x the material thickness smaller lengthwise.


Here's a tip. Before you start assembling the bedside table as below it's a good idea to add the angle irons to the top piece (which will be flipped over before assembly). If you don't do it at this point it can be a bit tricky later as there's probably not going to be a whole lot of room for movement in there.



This is to show you the construction. Dotted lines refer to where the pieces will be attached to each other.

For this project we used wood glue and nails. Simply add wood glue to one surface at a time and nail it all the while using a set square to make sure your construction is straight.

After nailing use the center punch to inset the heads of the nails into the MDF.

Here's the front and side view.

Drawings courtesy of Martin.

After you have let the whole thing dry according to the instructions on the glue you can fill the little holes left by the center punch with filler. Sand the finished piece, add a coat of primer and paint in your favorite color and hang next to your bed by the angle irons. We rested ours on the skirting which left just enough room for the vacuum to pass underneath.

Good luck!

Ps. Here are the instructions for the map lamp.