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Chez Larsson

Favorite Shirt Pillow

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Check out our new pillow. Recognize the material? (Oh and yes, that's Bonus making his loaf of bread impression in front of it.)

 IMG_0009 kop

Yup, it's Martins favorite old shirt…


Martin actually wore this shirt the day Wille was born 15 years ago and it's been in his closet ever since. The fabric is soooo increadibly soft. The cut of the shirt was very 80's so Martin didn't wear it any longer and agreed I could turn it into a pillow case. Here's the how-to.


Cut two squares in your pillow size plus seam allowance on all four sides. No need to worry about closure because it's already built in.


Pin the two pieces together with buttons towards inside.


Sew along all four edges and zig zag to prevent fraying.


Turn right side out and there's the pillow case. Probably one of the easiest I've ever made.

If you don't have a shirt but have a favorite T-shirt you want to turn into a pillow I have a tutorial for you too. Check it out here.