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Chez Larsson

Our Thing for Tartan

IMG_0001 kop

As I told you last week we've had this thing for tartan.

When Martin and I met on New Years Even in 1986 his then anglophile style and my love for anything checked merged and we had quite a few years of tartan mania.

Martin's tartan thing acually even partly stems from his great great great grandmother who met and had a fling with a Lord of the Isles who was salmon fishing in Norway. Hot stuff, huh?

Here's (part of) our tartan run down in pictures.

IMG_0003 kop (2) 

Dishes and pillows.

IMG_0004 kop 

IMG_0005 kop


IMG_0004 kop (2)


IMG_0007 kop

IMG_0008 kop

More pillows and photo album.

IMG_0009 kop

Another shirt. More on this one in a later post.

IMG_0017 kop

Baby Björn carrier.

IMG_0022 kop

Matching bouncer.

IMG_0048 kop

Another pillow.


With tartan being one of those things that comes around at regular intervals I'm always happy when it does but Martin loves it always.

How about you? Any pattern that you love and that you keep reaching for when shopping?