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Envelope Pillowcase How-To

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So you did want the tutorial 🙂

I love making pillowcases. They are such an inexpensive and quick way to change the mood and décor in a room. Make them mostly with zippers so they are reversible but sometimes I just don't have a zipper on hand but feel the urge to make a pillowcase anyway. Enter the envelope closure.


This is an easy enough project so if you are missing a last minute gift and have a bit of fabric and half an hour or so to spare you can whip up one (or a couple) of these. Here's how:


Cut a length of fabric the width of the pillow that you want to make the pillowcase for + seam allowance.

The length should be 2 x the length of the pillow + an additional 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) or so to overlap + seam allowance.

The envelope overlap depends on the size of the pillow, bigger pillow more overlap. For the pillowcase I'm making here which is for a 45×45 cm (17 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches) pillow my piece of fabric measured: 48 x 116 cm (18 3/4 x 45 3/4 inches).


Start off by pressing a seam at both short ends of the fabric. You can make the seam wider than this if you want to but my fabric wasn't wider so this is what I was left with. Works fine though.


Sew the pressed seam and…


…zig zag stitch the long edges to prevent the fabric from fraying. My fabric here's by Anna Maria Horner btw.


Now your piece of fabric is ready to be "assembled" into a pillowcase. This is simply done by laying the fabric wrong side down and folding the edged over so they overlap. Measure as you are doing this so pillow will be the correct size in the end. Pin the fabric together and stitch along the pins.


Turn right side out and press with a iron and there's your pillowcase. It can be a little tricky to get your pillow in there as you have sort of an obstacle in the way inside but if you wiggle around a little with your hand in there along with the pillow you'll get there.


While I was at it I made three. Like I said, it's quick and easy.

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