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My US Shopping Spree

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Hello, my name is Benita. I'm a shopoholic.

King of Prussia USA 09 060

I'm not really. I hardly ever shop for pleasure back home. But coming to the US always brings out the shopper in me and once a year I can finally get everything I've been wanting all year long.

Such as the cleaning supplies from Williams Sonoma… Makes cleaning a joyous occasion and not a chore don't you think? I also got two cans of Bar Keeper's (and my) Friend.

King of Prussia USA 09 061

I'm not really all that big on scent around the house but occasionally I get the urge (or, ehem, need) to add some to the air. There's a Yankee Candle store in KoP mall and they had these little cute stocking stuffer sizes so after getting dizzy in there I brought home a Beach Walk, a McIntosh Apple and some Clean Cotton as well as a votive each of Spa Fresh and Mandarin Cranberry.

King of Prussia USA 09 063 

I'm completely low maintenance on the beauty side but decided to invest in some Id Bare Minerals, a new Kiehl's No1 Lip Balm, a new tweezer and a coin purse (technically not a beauty item but it found it's way into the shot somehow). On the last day (after I shot my loot on the bed at the hotel) I also got Philosophy's Microdelivery after seeing it on QVC the night before. I know, I lead such and exciting life.

King of Prussia USA 09 066

Wille's sole requests for the trip were some Bicycle cards (he's in the card tricks and juggeling fase) and a Starbuck's mug. He insisted on the green logo where as I prefer the old school one and got the big mugs for Martin and I.

King of Prussia USA 09 073 

Kate Spade is one of my absolute favorite companies and stylish persons but since I can't afford any of the real stuff I got some little things like next year's calendar and a long list. Looooooove lists and where better to write then than in the stripy yellow jotter.

King of Prussia USA 09 067

I've been wanting to get Icing colors forever after using up my old Betty Crocker ones. Got a set of eight and can't wait to try them out on the gingerbread Wille and I are baking this weekend using the cute cookie cutters I got at Crate and Barrel. Got icing bags too and a new set of mini spatulas and polka dot napkins. All from Michael's but for the Williams Sonoma spatulas.

 King of Prussia USA 09 069

Speaking of Michael's. I went to one for the first one ever! Wohooo! I didn't go ALL wild and crazy and was sort of able to contain myself and be fairly dignified but it was pretty exciting! I know, don't tell me, I get excited about the weirdest things, but you know that by now. Got me some pretty stickers and glues. All by Martha. Yum!

King of Prussia USA 09 068 

One of my favorite haunts when I travel, besides from cleaning isles in grocery stores, are drug stores. And yes, it's the drugs I'm after! We don't get the strong stuff that actually works over here so I always stock up. When the flu hits, bring it on, I'm prepared!

King of Prussia USA 09 071

Besides from spending evenings and super early mornings (wake too too early because of jet lag) at the hotel in bed watching TV I always get a pile of favorite to read. Ty was new to me and so so but I loved Martha and the Storage issue of BHG and Country Living. I also finally got to see the page about my blog in Blogging for Bliss. The publisher person was to send me a copy which never arrived (apparently never sent…) so I got a copy at B&N in Philly.

King of Prussia USA 09 074 

Some of our bath towels need replacing so one of my missions was to get new ones. Decided on these Linden Street one's from JCP.

Stuff that didn't make it into the photos but into my suitcase were also; A Land's End down coat and fleece scarf, Old Navy slippers, a bunch of socks, Hanes undies (ALWAYS buy my undies abroad) an Empire State Lego building, a scarf for Martin, our fourth year in Cat calendars and a ton of candy.

King of Prussia USA 09 057

So from this 9 kg bag…

King of Prussia USA 09 075

… to this 26.5 kg one in three days was not such a surprise after all.

 Ps. Please excuse the sorry excuse of a camera I had with me. It stunk last year and still stinks but I'd rather bring that and bang it against the shopping bags than my own.