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Chez Larsson

Sugar Cube Building

Martha Stewart Living sugar cube house
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living 

Ok. I've been wanting for years to build cute little cugar cube cottages or a rustic castle or perhaps even an igloo. Decided this year was the year and instead of the gingerbread house we'd try our hands on something new.

Broke the news to Wille and Martin and they agreed! Wow, that was easy and kind of unexpected!


Turns out they had a different idea than I… They wanted to continue last years theme of NYC landmarks…


So 8 kgs (15 pounds) of sugar and a string light later, here it is in all it's glory!

Here are some shots of the process:


A print out of the building, the Muji mini as inspiration, a bit of math, a whole lot of sugar and patience is what it takes.


Martin and Wille started out by mapping out the size. Good thing they didn't go with the first calculations of 27 kg (59 pounds) of sugar…


We were a bit unsure if frosting alone would hold our building together so Martin and Wille experimented with hot glue, elmers glue etc but ended up using caulk from a caulking gun to attach each cube using a small metal spatula to get an even coating.


We came up with the idea to add light inside and inserted a string light in the process. The back of the building is actually open to prevent it from getting too hot. The whole thing sits on a foam core board and the cable runs in a guaged out tunnel at the bottom.


After a few daýs (Rome wasn't built in a day and so wasn't this) we brought the project downstairs so we could eat at our dining table. It was a slow and apparently quite boring process to build the main mid part but as soon as they got to the top bit it got exciting again and the project took off.


And again here it is! Now we're just hoping Mini and Bonus will keep their little tounges away…